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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Boston, Feb. 28, 1811. (Circular.) At a very numerous meeting of Republican citizens from all parts of the Commonwealth assembled at Boston on the 11th day of February, instant, we were appointed a committee to make known to you their unanimous

Boston, February 22, 1792. Incorporation An antiquarian, citizen of Boston, in his researches lately, found the following original paper, whereby it appears that seventy years ago the subject of incorporation was agitated by the inhabitants of t

Boston, Hull, and Hingham 1864 Spring arrangement 1864. One trip a day, touching at Hull three times a week. [Illustration of a steamer] The new, elegant, and swift steamer Rose Standish ... will commence her regular season on Saturday, April 16

Boston, Jan. 15, 1858. The subscriber, having been appointed General Agent in the New England states, for the sale of J. W. Watts & Co's prepared paper for the water closet, a preventative and cure for the piles, is now prepared to fill all orde

Boston, January 1, 1863. Sir: Will you permit me to submit to you the following thoughts on financial measures? The principal object of any financial legislation, at this moment, should be to supply the wants of the Treasury ... Horace Gray.

Boston, January 29, 1789. To the publick. The Catholick church of the Holy Cross, in Boston, is at present indebted in the sum of one hundred pounds, nearly, to different workmen, who, according to their time, labour, and materials furnished ...

Boston, January 31, 1775. Yesterday a vessel arriv’d at Marblehead from Falmouth, in which, London papers were brought to the 12th of December, which were immediately sent to the Committee of correspondence of this town, containing. The King’s s

Boston, January, 1860. John Andrew would inform publishers, authors, &c who are desirous of obtaining first-class work in engraving and designing on wood, that he has removed his establishment from its late location ... in Washington Building, 2

Boston, July 25, 1845. Dear Friend:- The Executive committee of the American Anti-Slavery Society have just met for the purpose of consulting as to the best mode of promoting the cause, during the ensuing six months ... [Signed by] Wm. Lloyd Gar

Boston, June 10, 1774. Gentlemen, Whereas several of our brethren, members of the committees of correspondence in the neighboring towns … [Stating that the spirit of the covenant, not to purchase goods from Great Britain, should be observed.] [S

Boston, June 12, 1804. Having by the advice of a number of friends, determined to publish a map of the United States; and judging it most adviseable to attempt obtaining a subscription for the same, I have accordingly issued proposals for that p

Boston, June 15, 1812. Gentlemen. Pursuant to a vote of the Town of Boston we transmit to you a copy of their proceedings at a very full meeting of the inhabitants. In the present alarming situation of our country, and the gloomy prospect of our

Boston, June 17, 1854. Rev. and Dear Sir: On the promulgation of the Fugitive slave act, a new and large field for benevolence was opened in this city ... Donations may be addressed to Francis Jackson, 31 Hollis Street, the Treasurer or to any o

Boston, June, 1860. Whereas: The City of Boston have finally concluded to remove the old building on the southerly corner of Water and Washington streets; and the tenants have been legally notified to move before the 1st of July next. We would r

Boston, March 18, 1858. Dear Sir.- We have removed our office from 26 and 28 Phoenix Building to No. 17 Washington Street ... Cowles & Company.

Boston, March 24, 1860. Dear Sir: Permit me to call your attention to the election of Register of deeds for this County, assigned for Monday next, the 26th ....

Boston, March 30th, 1773. By direction of the Committee of correspondence for the town of Boston, I now transmit to you an attested copy of the proceedings of said town on the 8th instant, and am with due respect your most humble servant [Signed

Boston, May 12, 1774. Gentlemen, by the last advices from London we learn that an Act has been passed by the British Parliament for blocking up the Harbour of Boston … By order of the committee

Boston, May 12, 1862. Sir:- We respectfully beg leave to inform you that we act as agents for those in want of help, and we furnish at short notice clerks in all departments of business, with the best of references ... J. K. Jones & Co ... Bosto

Boston, May 12,1774. Gentlemen. By the British parliament for blocking up the Harbour of Boston, with a fleet of ships of war, and preventing the entrance in, or exportation of, all sorts of merchandize, on penalty of forfeiture of the goods and

Boston, May 24, 1774. The merchants and traders of this town are requested to meet at the West Chamber in the Town-House, lately improved by the Court of sessions, at four o’clock this afternoon, on matters of general and important concern; part

Boston, May 27, 1854. To the yeomanry of New England. Countrymen and brothers: The vigilance committee of Boston inform you that the mock trial of the poor fugitive slave has been postponed to Monday next, at 11 o'clock A. M ... Come, then, by t

Boston, May, [blank] 1775. Permit together with his family, consisting of persons, and [blank] effects to pass [blank] between sunrise and sunset. By order of his Excellency the Governor. No arms nor ammunition is allowed to pass.

Boston, Oct. 23, 1852. Dear Sir, The headquarters of the Whigs of Ward six, next door to the Ward Room is now open, and will remain so day and evening, (Sundays excepted,) during the campaign ... Per order of the County and Ward Committee.

Boston, October 15 1850. Sir. Allow me to invite your attention to the following valuable property, belonging to the estate of the late Dr. E. H. Robbins, which is to be sold at auction on Thursday the 24th inst., at 12 o'clock M ... E. E. White

Boston, October 22, 1779. Whereas Colonel Sheldon has, by insinuations base and dishonorable, calumniated the memory of my deceased brother Captain Stoddard. Conscious of the rectitude and innocence of his conduct ... [Boston, 1779].

Boston, Sept. 15, 1859. Dear Sir: Our attention has been called by the report of a Committee, appointed at a meeting recently held at the Old South Chapel, to the fact that the Indian tribes upon our western frontier, have just cause of complain

Boston, September 5, 1785. Whereas I John de Neuville, on the 13th of August, was threatened in the name of Messieurs Leertouwer and Huyman of this town, that they would advance me no more money, if I did not endorse to them all the bills of exc

Boston. February 25, 1775. Gentlemen, The following proceedings and votes of the joint committee of this and seven other towns are conveyed to you by their unanimous request … By order of the Committee [Signed in mss.] William Cooper, Clerk. At

Boston. From the votes of the Honorable House of representatives. Lunae 13 Die Julii A. D. 1772. Resolved that the tax of a thousand pounds upon the several towns in the province be in the following proportion. [Boston, New-England: Printed by E

Boston. July 21, 1789. Sir. It being now considered as an established truth, from a variety of faithful experiments and incontestible facts, that the total suspension of the vital functions in the animal body is by no means incompatible with lif

Boston. March 22. 1672/3 The Deputy Covernour and magistrates adjacent being assembled in Council, to consider of the late awful hand of God, consuming our Castle by fire the one and twentieth of this instant, thereby taking away that part of ou

Boston. Nov. 1, 1796. Reverend Sir. More than three years ago the trustees of the Massachusetts society for promoting agriculture caused to be printed a pamphlet, the object of which was to promote agricultural knowledge ... Another pamphlet has

Boston. November 10. By His Excellency, John Hancock, Esq; Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. A proclamation for a day of Thanksgiving ... I do by and with the advice of the Council appoint Thursday the eleventh day of December next

Boston. November 4th, 1811. To One of the trustees of the Washington monument association Sir. The board of trustees to ordered that there should be transmitted to you a book for subscriptions to effect the object of the Association ... [Signed

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, February 22, 1874. To the Honorable Chairman of the Library Committee of Congress: Sir: Learning that the noted and unique collections of the late George Catlin ... are offered for sale, ... to urge the importa

Boy Scouts of America. National wide campaign for 1,000,000 associate members. Boy Scout week, June 8th to 14th, 1919. [Circular letter to the mothers and fathers of American boys signed W. G. McAdoo].

Boy scout week. Nation wide campaign for 1,000,000 associate members. [Circular letter dated New York, June 2, 1919].

Boy's reins with bells attached. Lunch boxes, all sizes and styles ... at Neat, Kearney & Co. trunk stores. Boston. J. H. & F. F. Farwell printing office, 112 Washington St. [1865].

Boyd& Tubb's commercial institute located in a central, spacious and commodious building. 80 Washington Street, Boston. Commercial course ... English course ... Classical course ... Penmanship... [Boston 1861].

Boyden Premium to be awarded by the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia on the results of a certain experiment. January 1, 1862. The conditions established for the award are stated.

Boys and girls read this! Every Sunday, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the boys and girls who do not go to any Sunday school, are invited to come to the Mission school of the Young men's Christian association, at the old gas house, corner of Ten

The boys of the 77th. Full account of their annual re-union. The Survivors association gathers in Gloverscille for the twenty-fifth annual re-union [1897].

Bradford Argus. Towanda, Pa. Thursday, October 6, 1864. For President Abraham Lincoln. For Vice President Andrew Johnson ... To the electors of the 13th Congressional District of the State of Pennsylvania ... H. W. Tracy.

Bradley & Rankin's prize fight for $1000 a side at Point Abino, Canada, August 1, 1857 by Saugerties Bard. Air Old Virginia's Shore. New York. J. Andrews, printer, 38 Chatham St. [1857].

The brave seventy-seventh. A jolly reunion held by the "boys" at Schenectady. [1893].

The brewers' code of practice. [n. p. 1937?].

Bribery and corruption wherever Huntington appears. (Colotn letters, 18 and 467) ... New York. 1878.

Bridwell Library ... presents in exhibition the private collection of Charles Caldwell Ryrie Marh 19-April 1, 1966 ... [Dallas, 1966].

A brief account of the Province of Pennsilvania in America, lately granted under the great seal of England to William Penn, &c ... [Signed] William Penn [1682?].

Brief account of the Society for propagating the gospel among the Indians and others in North-America. Boston January 1798.

A brief account of the discovery of the brass plates recently taken from a mound in the vicinity of Kinderhook, Pike County, Illinois ... Nauvoo, Hancock county, Illinois, June 24th, 1845.

A brief account of the execution of the six militia men. As we soon expect to have official documents in relation to the six militia men, arrested, tried, and put to death under the orders of General Andrew Jackson this may not be an improper ti

A brief account of the execution of the six militia men. As we soon expect to have official documents in relation to the six militia men, arrested, tried, and put to death, under the orders of General Andrew Jackson, this may not be an improper

A brief account of the present state, income, expenditures, &c. of the Society for propagating the gospel among the Indians, and others, in North-America ... By order Peter Thacher, Secretary. Boston Jan. 1795.

A brief introduction to the Chapin Library. Williamstown, [1962?].

A brief journal of the taking of Cape-Breton, put in metre, by L. G. one of the soldiers of the expedition. Anno Domini, 1745.

Brief lecture on the new American plan of self-instruction at home .... The succeeding pages or tracts, form a brief Outline of lectures on chirography, grammar, logic and rhetoric, with allusions to the highest human sciences ... Washington Cit

A brief memoir of the late Colonel Frederick Baron de Weissenfels. One of the heroes of the revolution. Compiled from authentic papers left by his daughter and only heir, the late Mrs. Harriet De la Palm Baker, deceased ... A friend of the heirs

A brief memoir of the late colonel Frederick Baron de Weissenfels. one of the heroes of the Revolution. Compiled from authentic papers left by his daughter and only heir, the late Mrs. Harriet De la Palm Baker, deceased ... [Signed] A friend of

Brief of the Choctaws in regard to the net proceeds of the sales of their lands, East of th Mississippi, ceded to the United States. ... PP. Pitchlynn, Sam'l Garland, Peter Folsom. Choctaw Delegates. January 30, 1869.

Brief reasons why the President cannot be convicted by the so called Senate of the United States .... A Pennsylvania lawyer. [Washington, D. C. 1868].

A brief review of the new charter for Norfolk, showing its object to be as correctly stated, by the Richmond Whig, to establish a government "of the people, by the people, for the people.". [189-?].

Brief rule to guide the common people of New England how to order themselves and theirs in the small pocks, or measles. Boston, Printed and sold by John Foster. 1677. [Facsimile].

A brief statement of reasons why Congress should so amend the charter of the Washington market company that it can enforce the payment of rents due from occupants of stalls and stands and should reopen the bonus sales. [Washington, D. C. 1870?].

Brief statement of the case of Fitz John Porter. [n. p. 1871?].

Brief von General Mühlenberg an Colonel Hiester. Philadelphia, den 3 August 1805.

Brigade orders, First brigade, Ninth division, Ohio militia. Head quarters, Paines-ville. July 22, 1824.

Brigade orders. First brigade. Ninth division Ohio militia. Head quarters. Paines-ville. May 30, 1825.

Brigade orders. Militia election. Take notice, that an election will be held on the 28th instant, for the purpose of electing a Brigadier General, for the 2nd Brigade, 6th Division Pennsylvania Militia, in order to fill the vacancy of Brigadier

The Brigham Young family. This is an outline of the Brigham Young family, from. 1721 to the fathers and mothers of the present generation. It is desired to carry this chart out to the present time. For this purpose all the Young descendants are

Brillant naval victory [Cut] Yankee Perry, better than old English cider. "Tune--- Three Yankee pigeons." [11 stanzas of verse] [Boston] Printed by N. Coverly, Milk Street [1813].

Brillant naval victory [Cuts] Com. M'Donough has captured the whole British fleet on Lake Champlain. [Two columns of verse] [Boston] Printed by N. Coverly, Jun. [1814].

Bristow and reform. Cincinnati, A. H. Pugh [1876].

British barbarity and piracy!! The Federalists say that Mr. Christopher Gore ought to be supported as governor- for his attachment to Britain.--- If British influence is to effect the suffrage of a free people, let them read the following melanc

The British king's speech. New-York, February 10 By the Brigantine Peggy, Capt. M'Niel, in nineteen days from Tortola, who arrived here yesterday we have received the following copy of his Majesty's most gracious speech to both house of Parliame

The British settlement in Pennsylvania. The British emigrant society, to their countrymen ... [Contains] A map of the roads leading to the Town of Britania in the British settlement Susquehanna County, Penn. [1818?].

Broadside. Regulations of the Indian department printed at Detroit in 1814, by Theophilus Mettez, at the direction of Lewis Cass. Reproduced in collotype by the Meriden Gravure Company from the copy owned by the William L. Clements Library. [195

Bromley & Co's publications. Letters of Major Jack Downing of the Downingville militia on the war ... New York [1864?].

Brown's alphabetical chart for schools and families. William S. Brown. Dansville. N. Y. [c. 1860].

Brown's paintings, at the Odd-fellows' hall, on Monday night, Tuesday, and Tuesday night only, Sept. 27 and 28, 1847 ... [Washington, D. C. 1847].

Browning & Jenkins, will open their importation of French hats, also a variety of their own manufacture, on Friday, Oct. 4th, 1861. 249 Washington Street. Boston.

Bryan Hall, Clark Street, opposite the Court House. Chicago, Illinois. [Chicago, 186-].

[An abstract from the Constitution and proceedings of the Indiana Historical Society]. [Indianapolis January 1831].

The building of the capital ... Washington, D. C. March 28, 1872.

... Bulletin March 23, 1916 to all government employees, members and prospective members ... [Washington, 1919].

Bulletin No. 45, 59, 62, 86. 88, 91 ... New York City [1924].

The Bulletin as it was ... Memphis. Oct. 31, 1861.

Bulletin by telegraph to "Union," Washington To the editor of the Union: New Orleans, Sept. 26, 1847. Sir: The J. L. Day arrived here last evening from Vera Cruz. The news by her is important. The details are meagre, and something uncertain. The

Bulletin. By Telegraph from Richmond to "Union," Washington. 18th from Vera Cruz. Important from interior -- arrival of an express from Puebla. General Scott at that place. Appointment of commissioners to treat for peace with Trist, to meet 8 mi

Bulletin. By Telegraph from Richmond to "Union." Washington. 18th from Vera Cruz. Scott still at Puebla. Battle between Pierce and Mexicans at National Bridge -- 1,400 Mexicans, 2,500 Americans -- Mexicans defeated. Two commissioners appointed t

The bulwarks of religion ... Boston. Printed by Nathaniel Coverly, Corner Theatre Alley, Milk Street. 5th ed. [n. d.].

Bungtown illuminator. Order of sacrifices for the execution of the Fourt of July. [184-?].

Bunker Hill convention. All persons who propose to join the Harrison procession from Medford, to attend the Whig Convention at Bunker Hill, on the 10th of September, are requested to call at the Harrison Reading Room, in High Street, in the cour

Bunker Hill monument. [Cut of monument] Commenced June 17, 1825. Completed June 17, 1843 Battle June 17, 1775.

Bunker-Hill monument. The undersigned, a committee appointed by the directors of the Bunker-Hill monument association, on the 24th September, beg leave to submit o you the following statement in reference to the monument, and to invite your co-o

Burlesque political sermon! written by a gentleman of St. Louis, expressly for Byron Christy. That's what's the matter. [n. p. n. d.].

Burlington. June 25, 1774. Sir, I have it in command from ... His Excellency's desire that you cause to be taken a full and complete list of the number of dwelling-houses and inhabitants within your county ... It can scarce be doubted but the as

Burnett's cocoaine for promoting the growth and preserving the beauty of the human hair ... [Boston. n. d.].

But still desire and will. Cambridge, Mass., Lowell-Adams House Printers, 1966.

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