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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Who is he? ... Retraction of a libel ... Hugh J. Hastings. [New York. n. d.].

Who is responsible for the war? Who accountable for its horrors and desolations? Extracts from a speech by Alexander H. Stephens (now Vice-President of the Confederate States.) delivered in the secession Convention of Georgia, on the 31st day of

Who is responsible for the war? who accountable for its horrors and desolations?. Extracts from a speech by Alexander H. Stephens ... delivered in the Secession convention of Georgia, on the 31st day of January, 1861 ... Who commenced the war. T

Who is your representative? Or imposter exposed. To the free and independent voters of Baltimore ... [Signed] Poker. [Baltimore, 183-].

Who killed JFK? [Washington, D. C., Citizens Commission of Inquiry, 1973].

Who shall be mayor? This is a question that must be answered by the voter of the City of Philadelphia on Tuesday next, and as there are presented but two candidates, the choice must necessarily be of Richard Vaux or Robert T. Conrad ... Philadel

Who shall be vice-president? Shall he be a loyal or a disloyal man? ... Andrew Johnson. New York. Published by the National union executive committee, Astor House. [1863].

Who shall be vice-president? Shall he be a loyal or a disloyal man? ... Published by the National Union Executive Committee, Astor House, New York [1864].

Whoever has candidly traced the rapid growth of these colonies from their little beginning to their present flourishing state in wealth and population, must eye the distinguished hand of heaven, and impress every mind, with a humble confidence,

Wholesale commodity prices and railway rates. 100 per cent represents average prices and rates per passenger and per ton per mile for years 1890 to 1899 ... [Washington, D. C. 1909?].

Why America should hold naval supremacy. Richmond Pearson Hobson.

Why Col. Ingersoll opposes the Democrats. [n. p. 1870?].

Why I voted for Franklin D. Roosevelt ... N. Schafter. 2432 Linden Place, Chicago, Illinois. Reprinted from the Chicago Times. Nov. 2-3, 1936.

Why McKinley was a mason. War time experience led him to join the lodge at Winchester. [n. d.].

Why Northern Pacific railroad 7-30 gold bonds are a good investment for the mechanic operative, laborer and farmer? ... Jay Cooke & Co. New York, Philadelphia, and Washington. Financial agents Northern Pacific railroad co. ... [n. d.].

Why central labor unions should be a part of the American federation of labor ... How to form a central labor union .... American federation of labor. Headquarters 423-5 G. St. N. W. Washington, D. C. [n. d.].

Why men of both parties on Staten Island should vote for George William Curtis, for Congress. [1864].

Why money is scarce in the southwest. Boston, April 9, 1895 … [signed] Edward Atkinson. [n.p., 189-?]

Why taxes are high.--- Radical corruption and extravagance. Government expenditures under Grant, compared with democratic administrations. Published by the National Democratic executive committee, Washington, D. C. [1869?].

Why the South hopes for Lincoln's re-election. [From the Richmond Enquirer of September 5, 1864.].

Why the public record was started! ... [Philadelphia] Public record, Monday, October 14th, 1872.

Wide awake 1860. Hartford Veterans 1892.

The widow's home. Celebration of the first anniversary. [Charleston, 1868].

Wild flowers by Gustine Courson Weaver (Mrs. Clifford Weaver) [12 lines of verse] [n. d.].

Will live forever by E. N. Haag. Theodore Roosevelt believed that most people are worth while and mean to be square -if they are given a chance ... In his death - if men like Roosevelt can be said to really die - the more than 20,000,000 fratern

Will of Napoleon III. [1873?].

Will the American people never cease to oppress and torture and helpless poor? Peterboro, December 12, 1874.

Will you help our wounded soldiers? They are suffering! They are dying!! ... The chapel at the corner of Eighteenth and Spring Garden Streets, will be open, during the emergency ... [Philadelphia 1863].

William & Mary College, March 20, 1770. His Excellency the right honourable the governor having been pleased to signify to the president and professors of William and Mary College his intention to give, annually two gold medals for the honour an

William B. Wadman, dealer in furnaces, ranges and stoves, would respectfully inform the citizens of the South End that he has taken the store formerly occupied by Francis Howard, at 1011 & 1013 Washington, (Corner Union Park Street.) ... W. B. W

William Findlay's inugural address to the Legislature, December 1817. [Harrisburg] Printed by R. B. Wilkins & G. Sweney [1817].

William Jackson, an importer; at the Brazen Head, North side of the Town-House, and opposite the Town-Pump, in Corn-Hill, Boston. It is desired that the sons and daughters of liberty, would not buy any one thing of him, for in so doing the will

William Raymer, Benj. Wolworth, Aaron Whitney, Russell Eddy. managers' compliments to Miss Ann Hawley soliciting her attendance at E. Niles's Hall, on Monday, the 8th of January next, at 2 o'clock, P. M. Hoosick, December 22, 1815. E. Gill's Pri

William T. Barry, Post master general of the United States of America. To all who shall see these presents, greeting: [Blank form for appointing postmasters] [Washington, D. C. 183-].

Williamsburg, August 20, 1776. Sir. As we have great reason to believe that our enemies will make a vigorous attack on this Commonwealth if they should not succeed in their attempts against New York ... I have thought proper, by the advice of th

Williamsburg, August 6, 1778 Sir. By the resolutions of Congress which accompany this, you will perceive that the expedition against Detroit is laid aside; but that, in order to protect the frontiers, the war is to be carried into such of the en

Williamsburg, Saturday, April 29, 1775. Late last night an express arrived from Philadelphia, with the following melancholy advices from the province of Connecticut, forwarded to the committee of correspondence in this city. [With advices of the

Willie has gone to the war. Words by George Cooper. Music by Stephen C. Foster. New York Charles Magnus. [186-].

The Wilson bill and the farmer. Speech of Hon. Charles H. Grosvenor, of Ohio. in the House of Representatives, Monday, February 17, 1896.

Windham County wolves. [1878?].

Wine. [Berkeley, Calif.] Printed for Oyez by The Auerhahn Press in San Francisco, c1964.

The winner. by Walt Filkin [1927].

Wir Endes unterschriebene sämtliche Einwohner der Gegend Broad-Bay genannt, in dem Ost-Theil der Provintz Neu-Engelland in America, Urkunden und bezeugen heimit, we[l]cher Gestallt, wir Anno 1742 im Monat Juny, nach einer Reise von 5 Wochen und

Wisconsin day. May 29th. Upon this day in 1848 Wisconsin was admitted to the Union of states ... The history of Wisconsin should be read in detail, but here are a few leading events ... [Seal of Wisconsin Free Library Commission, Madison, Wis.]

The Wisconsin soldiers' home The state of Wisconson By James T. Lewis, Governor. A proclamation ... Done at the Capitol, in the City of Madison, this 19th day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five. James T.

... With a view to the thorough distribution of such documents as will advise the country of the objects and aims of the Democratic party, the Republican congressional committee has decided to supply committees and all other persons with such sp

With drops of blood. The history of the Industrial workers of the world has been written ... Wm. Haywood. Secretary. Chicago 1919.

Witmer's phonetic happy New-Year .... Williamsville. N. Y. 1882.

[Two circulars regarding the impeachment of Andrew Johnson] New York 1868.

[Two election tickets, Democratic] [1861].

[Two galley proofs for four returns each of statistics from military units of the United Colonies and of the United States (New York and Pennsylvania) in September and October, 1776. They are similar to, but not among, those printed by Force in

[Two leaflets and an affidavit from relating to an exhibition of left-hand penmanship by soldiers and sailors who lost their right arms during the Civil War. New York, 1866].

Woman suffrage. Legal opinion by W. D. Wallace, Esq., upon the power of the legislature to authorize women to vote for presidential electors ... Lafayette, Ind. 1881.

Woman's appeal, to the women of America, praying for their aid, in purchasing the ground and erecting a mausoleum, at Mount Vernon, sacred to the memory of George Washington by Isaac McLellan. New York, June 1855.

Woman's co-operation essential to the pure politics. By Hon. Geo. F. Hoar. Boston. American woman suffrage association [1885].

The woman's party campaign for equal rights. (Reprinted from the Christian Science monitor- September 18, 1922).

A woman's plea for partial suffrage. By Mrs. J. C. Ingersoll. [n. d.].

Woman's war upon the dramshops by Gerrit Smith. Peterboro, March 24, 1874.

Women and the ballot in New Jersey ... Lucy Stone. H. B. Blackwell. [n. d.].

Women as dictators. By Mrs. Oliver H. P. Belmont. President of the National Woman's party. (Reprinted from the Ladies' Home Journal September, 1922) [Washington, D. C. 1922].

Women in the home ... National American woman suffrage association. Headquarters: 505 Fifth Avenue, New York [1910].

Women not classed with idiots and criminals. By Alice Hill Chittenden ... Issued by the New York State association opposed to woman suffrage 29 West 39th Street. New York City. [1894].

The women's committee for the Philadelphia orchestra requests the honor of your presence at the memorial ceremonies and the unveiling of the Bronze memorial to the late Fritz Scheed at the Academy of Music. Wednesday, March the eleventh [1908] a

A wonderful account of the conversion of a little girl 10 years old, who was banished from her father's house on account of her religion; and how an angel appeared to her for her encouragement, and communicated important instructions and exhorta

The wonderful and vile campaign of 1906. Washington, D. C. November 1, 1906.

A wonderful dream. The following dream, &c. Publish'd near 20 years ago, is now re-printed by particular desire. [New York: Printed by John Holt, 1770].

Wonderful dwarf. The ladies and gentlemen of Boston, and vicinity are respectfully informed that Sally Marietta Snow, the smallest and most interesting person of her size ever seen in America, aged nine years, and weighing only sixteen pounds, w

The wonderful fairy sisters! will be on exhibition for a few days only, commencing Wednesday, June 12th, at Pythian Hall, (Under Codman Hall,) No. 176 Tremont St., Boston ... [Boston. n. d.].

Wonderful, unprecedented, and exciting exhibition! An aeroport of flying ship, 23 feet long and carrying an operative steam engine and freight, with automaton passengers and various kinds of merchandise, will fly through the air, in various dire

Woodcraft, its makers, its triumphs, and a prophecy of its death. Atlanta, Ga., W. J. Simmons, 1917.

Wooden breast bone, and Jackson's victory. [1815].

Woodrow Wilson prize essay contest offering fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) ... [New York 1927].

The wool grower and the tariff. Long fleeced breeds of sheep for wool alone and cheap lands go together ... New York. 1888.

Woonsocket patriot. Extra---- Second edition Woonsocket, Saturday morning, April 14, 1865.-- 12 o'clock. Appalling event! The latest, saddest drama of the war. President Lincoln assassinated in Washington! He died at 7.20 this A. M. ... [Woonsoc

Worcester County convention. In convention. Tuesday April 9, 1782. At a meeting of thirty-four members from twenty-six towns in the County of Worcester, on Tuesday the 9th of April inst A. D. 1782 ... Printed at Worcester, 1782.

Worcester at work: the trades, commerce, and manufactures of the City and County of Worcester. Messrs. G. Grainger and Co's porcelain works. From "Berrow's Worcester Journal," Dec. 29th, 1866.

Worcester, March 13, 1815. Gentlemen. In congratulating you upon the return of peace with a people whom our government indiscreetly chose to make an enemy, we should most fervently rejoice, could we announce, that the government, and its partiza

Worcester. January 4th, 1793. Circular. Sir. The General Court, in June last, by an order for the purpose, appointed a Committee to prepare plans of a building ... in Boston or elsewhere ... for the permanent seat of government. [Advocating the

The Word - Extra. Censorship of the press.-Att'y Gen. Marston, Oliver Stevens, Dist. Att'y of Suffolk Co., and Postmaster Tobey of Boston, say "Leaves of Grass" is obscene; we appeal the case from such narrow-minded judges, to individual citizen

A word from a petitioner, to Congress. By J. Pierpont. [1837?].

A word with temperance voters. Shall we vote for St. John? ... [n. p. 1884].

Words for a funeral anthem. Taken from the following scriptures ... The above anthem to be performed at the funeral of the Reverend Dr. Samuel Cooper, on Friday, Jan. 2, 1784. [Boston, 1784].

Words of Consolation to Mr. Robert Stetson & Mrs. Mary Stetson, his wife on the death of their son Isaac Stetson, who perished in the mighty waters November 7th, 1718. Aged 22. [1718].

Working men, attention!! It is your imperious duty to drop your hammers and sledges! one and all, to your post repair, this afternoon, at five o'clock P.M. and attend the great meeting called by the papers of this morning, to be held at the City

Working people of Washington negro and white. students and intellectuals attend The "Scottsboro boys must not die" mass meeting Mt. Carmel Baptist church 3d and Eye Streets N. W. Wednesday February 7 8 PM .... [Washington, D. C. 1934].

Working-men's ticket. Ward II. Independent Union! For mayor, Edward S. Tobey ... [1861].

The workingman. New York, Saturday October 22, 1864.

Workingmen's ticket. For Governor. Joseph R. Hawley, of Hartford. For Lieut. Governor: Oliver H. Perry, of Fairfield ... [1867].

Workingmen, don't be fooled! Independent Republicans are voting against their candidates because they believe Mr. Blaine the tool of monopolists ... Vote for Cleveland. [n. p. 1884].

The world out-done !!! Davis' inflammatory extirpator. A remedy for the million ... N. U. Lyon, 14 Bank street, Fall River, Mass. [1861].

The "World" against American ships. [New York. n. d.].

World's grandest monument waiting in sight of us for the Confederate dead by John Temple Graves. Reprint of article published in Hearst's Sunday American on Sunday July 19, 1914. [Atlanta? Ga].

The world's own unwritten manifestations of desire that its people to take a proper appreciation of themselves, are already sufficient to electrify and awaken to its utmost capacity the entire intellect and sensibilities of every reasonable man.

The worst banking system in the world by Andrew Carnegie ... [New York, 1908].

A worthy example of a virtuous wife. In a most affecting and truly striking manner exemplified in the remarkably dutiful humane, benevolent and pious conduct of a most excellent yound lady, who was daughter to a very rich and honorable nobleman

The wrack of the Queen Charlotte: a ballad of Chesapeake Bay. Cambridge, The Palimpset Press. 1950.

Writing and book-keeping academy! In a lady's education, a plain, easy and graceful hand writing, is a mark of neatness and delicacy of taste ... Messrs. Wheeler & Thwing, have the pleasure of informing the ladies and gentlemen of this City, tha

Writings of Judge Pitman. Opinion of John Pitman, now United States Judge for the Rhode Island district ... [1811].

Wyoming monthly lottery. Official drawn numbers, April 29th, 1876. By authority of an act of the Legislature. Combination scheme in which they were drawn from the wheel ... Laramie City, Wyoming. 1876.

Wyoming. Synopsis of the battle and massacre for the information of the people by Dr. Harry Hakes. [1878].

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