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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


We the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United Colonies of America, to serve from the date hereof until the fifteenth day of January next, if the service requires it; and each one of us do engage to furnis

We the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United States of America, to continue in that service 'till the end of the present war with Britain, unless sooner regularly discharged ... and to be under such regu

We the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the UnitedColonies of America to serve from the date hereof until the fifteenth day of January next, if the service requires it ... [n. p., 177-].

We the subscribers, being desirous to circulate the sermon, of the eloquent Saurin, on the repentance of the unchaste woman, in connexion with the report of Ministerial labours of Rev. Wm. Collier, communicated to the Boston Society, for religio

We the subscribers, inhabitants of the town of [blank] having taken into our serious consideration the precarious state of the liberties of North-America, and more especially … [those of] this insulted province … by several acts of the British p

We the subscribers, inhabitants of the town of having taken into our serious consideration, the precarious state of the liberties of North-America, and more especially the present distressed condition of our Sister Colony of the Massachusetts-Ba

We the undersigned Republicans and Independents, believing, as stated in the address issued by the conference held in New York on July 2d, 1884, that the paramount issue of the Presidential election of this year is moral rather than political, d

We want to help you. Inquiry office. Department of labor. Information promptly furnished. Address: 1706 G. Street, N. W. Washington, D. C. [November 1918].

We whose names are under-written, do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United American Colonies, and severally promise, and engage to continue in such service until the first day of December, 1776 … [Watertown: Printed by

We whose names are under-written, do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the United States Colonies, and severally promise, and engage to continue in such service until the first day of December, 1776, unless sooner discharged

We've a million in the field. Written and composed by Stephen C. Foster. New York Charles Magnus. [186-].

We, the undersigned, citizens of the United States, being about to leave our homes for California, for the purpose of mining and digging gold ... have agreed to unite together and form an association ... [Philadelphia 1849].

Webster festival. Ode to commemorate the civic festival given to the Hon. Daniel Webster. at Faneuil Hall, July 24, 1838.

Webster meeting in Charlestown. [1852].

Webster's dictionary. Price reduced to six dollars. The entire work unabridged in one volume ... Published by G. & C. Merriam, Springfield, Mass ... Testimonials. [Springfield. n. d.].

Webster's dictionary. Price reduced to six dollars. The entire work, unabridged, in one volume ... Published by G. & C. Merriam, Springfield, Mass. ... Testimonials. [Springfield. n. d.].

Webster's note and draft calendar for the years 1866, 1867 & 1868. [n. p. c1866].

Webster's note and draft time table [for 1869 & 1870] [n. p. c. 1869.

Wedding reception, Thursday, October 1, 1874. Maria Ewing Sherman, and Thomas William Fitch. [Menu] [Washington, D. C. 1874].

Wednesday, afternoon, April 16. This moment a kind correspondent communicated to the editor of the Morning Star, a letter from General Fisk of Salem, which he is happy in communicating to an impatient public. Ipswhich, Wednesday 11 o'clock, 1794

A week in Annapolis. Extracts from the journal of Mrs. H----, visiting the prisoners. [1863?].

Weekly advance-- Extra. Friday, Feb. 2, 1872--- I P. M. McGiffin gives himself up! Held in $5,000 bail!! Wilson's wound not dangerous.

Weighty considerations. Come let us reason together. People of Kentucky ... A free citizen. July 1828.

Welcme to envoys of woman voters. I expect to be one of the escort to welcome the envoys of the woman voters to Washington December 6, ... Fill out this form and mail to Miss Emma Waldo, Chairman, Registration committee. Congressional Union Head

Welcome song, dedicated to the commander, officers and crew of the U.S. Sloop-of-war Kearsarfe, on her arrival at the Charlestown Navy Yard, Nov. 7, 1864 By Phineas Stowe, Pastor of the 1st Bap. Mariners' Church, Boston. ... Boston. W.& E. Howe,

Welcome to envoys of women voters Mrs. Sara Bard Field Miss Frances Jolliffe. Escort will meet 11:30 A. M., Dec. 6 Stanton Square, 4th St. and Md. Ave. N. E .... Congressional Union for woman suffrage 1420 F Street Northwest. Washington, D. C. N

The West Point mob. by Gerrit Smith ... Peterboro March 13 1871.

Western Continent Extra Dec. 9th, 1848. To the Southern public. We are aboout to commence another year of the New Series of the Continent, and we beg leave to solicit the patronage of our Southern friends ... Baltimore. 1848.

The Western Intelligencer, Extra. Monday, July 20, 1812. By this morning's mail, we have received the proclamation of Brigadier-General Hull, to the inhabitants of Canada, which is here presented to our readers in an extra sheet: By William Hull

Western North Carolina. the township of High Point and village of the same name, are situated in the southeastern corner of Guilford county, North Carolina, the N. C. C.R. R. running through the centre of the village ... These R. R. advantages t

Western Union. Anglo-American direct United States cablegram ... Jan 14, 1921. Near East Relief, N. Y. Situation in Armenia appalling-- More than two hundred thousand refugees dying between Kars and Alexandropol-- Lack of food and fuel. Sever wi

The Western academy, corner seventeenth and I streets, Washington, D. C. A select school will be opened on the first Monday in September for boys. Number of pupils limited to twenty-five ... Washington, July 26 [1855?] [Washington, D. C.] Polkin

Western academy. Order of exercises for exhibition. Monday, August 1st, 1842.

Western discoveries. [San Francisco] Printed for the members of the Chit Chat Club by Francis P. Farquhar [1939?].

A western republican on Mr. Blaine's nomination. Letter of Hon. Thad C. Pound. Milwaukee, Aug. 25, 1884.

What Jeff Davis thinks of the war. Published by the National Union executive committee. New York [1864].

What a real patriot thought of the "Peace party" ... [n. p.] T. Sinex, printer, [186-].

What are we fighting for? Americans: Our hitherto happy and prosperous country is plunged into a gigantic and bloody civil war ... [Signed] Washington. [Washington, D. C. 1861].

What both parties say on the tariff.

What can colonization do? From the Boston Daily advertiser ... Elliot Cresson. Tremont Hotel, Dec. 31 [183-?].

What genuine democrats think of the rebellion. Published by the National union executive committee, Astor House, New York. [1864].

What honest independent Republicans say. A great independent leader speaks to the people! New York, June 5. To Blaine headquarters, Chicago: Beware of those "eleventh hour" independents, who are masquerading at Chicago ... I speak for five hundr

What is "Communism"? ... From the Irish World, June 1, 1878.

What is Volapük (Vol = the world; vola = the world's; volapuk = the world's speech.) A scientific international language; not to supersede any living language, but to be learned next to the mother tongue, by every edukated person .... [n. p 1897

What shall the answer be? ... By Richard H. Edmonds, Editor. Manufacturers Record, Baltimore Md. March 14, 1918.

What socialism would do for woman.

What the South can do. How the Southern states can make themselves masters of the situation. To the legislatures of the Southern states ... Henry B. Blackwell. New York, January 15, 1867. New York. Robert J. Johnston, printer, 33, Beekman St. [1

What the farmers say about the tarriff ... Officers of the Free-trade league. New York [1870].

What the newspapers say about additional subsidies. [1868].

What they have to do who atay at home ... Washington, October 21st, 1862.

What's the rush ... if there's really nothing to hide!? Stop Rocky. Washington, D. C., The Coalition [1974].

When America commenced to make tinplate prices in Great Britain dropped to a point never reached before ... N. & G. Taylor Co. Philadelphia, May 27, 1892.

When Bryan takes the chair. [n. p., 1900].

... When court acts by George Rothwell Brown. [n. p. 1937].

When merit's rewarded, ambition will rise, The senses expand, and idleness dies; The hand of a freeman will then do its duty. Fight and write in defence of booty and beauty.

When shall we three meet again? Together with the meeting of the three friends. Parting of the three Indians. Composed and sung by three Indians, who were educated at Darmouth College ... [n. d.].

When the conduct of individuals in a community is such as to attract public attention, others are very naturally led to many inquiries about them; so when civil states rise into importance, even their earliest history becomes the object of specu

Where silver rules. The United States minister to Columbia, South America, warns the voters of the United States against free coinage, [New York, 1896.].

... Whereas Congress did, by a resolution of the twenty-third day of September, one thousand seven hundred eighty-nine. recommend to the several states to pass laws making it expressly the duty of the keepers of their jails to receive and keep t

Whereas I have reason to apprehend that the government of Pennsylvania, in prosecution of their claim to Pittsburg and its dependencies will endeavour to obstruct his Majesty's government ... I have therefore thought proper ... to order and requ

Whereas a great number of people have expressed a desire that the name of the addressers to the late Gov. Hutchinson, and protesters against the solemn league and covenant might be made publick, the following is a true list of the same, viz. [Bo

Whereas a great variety of views are entertained by those concerned; and as great a variety of interest are to be affected, by the termination of the Chesapeake and Ohio canal in the District of Columbia ... [Washington, D. C.n. d.].

Whereas a report has been industriously propagated in this City, that the Continental Congress has passed a resolve, that unless American grievances were redressed by the first of March, these Colonies should be independent of Great Britain. [Tw

Whereas his Excellency the Governor has this day prorogued the Legislature, while in the calm and deliberate exercise of their constitutional functions; and thereby interrupted the business of an important session; prevented the passage of many

Whereas in purauance of adequate powers respectively delegated to us, to carry into execution Articles of a Cartel, made on the 3d day of May, in this present year, between Capt. Cornwallis, on the part of Lieutenant General Earl Cornwallis, and

Whereas it appears to this Court, that the part of the militia of this Colony now in the American army as a temporary reinforcement in consequence of a resolve of said Court the 1st of December last [Allowing their claim one penny per mile for t

Whereas it is industriously reported (as I imagine with design at this juncture, to prejudice the Honourable Elisha Cooke, Esq; in the good opinion of the freeholders and voters of this town) that on Tuesday evening last being the 30th of April,

Whereas it is pretended by an advertisement dated the 6th of January, 1769, that previous to the proposal made by sundry persons who signed themselves a Committee of the Non-Episcopal denominations in this City, the signers of the said advertise

Whereas it is the prevailing rage of the present times, for people of all ranks, orders, and professions, to form associations, and erect themselves into what they call Congresses and committees of various denominations; who under pretext of red

Whereas on the late Examination before the honourable House of Assembly, it appeared that Mr. Jauncey, had for many years been privately a generous benefactor to the poor of this City, by the hands of Obadiah Wells:-And whereas, a report has bee

Whereas the Legislatures of Connecticut and Massachusetts have proposed the following amendments to the constitution of the United States [7 resolutions] Resolved by the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in

Whereas the lawes published by the Honourable General Court, Lib. 1. Pag. 76 Sect. 3 Do require all townes from time to time to dispose of single persons and inmates within their towns to service, or otherwise. [Massachusetts, 1668] [Positive Ph

Whereas the rapid and alarming depreciation of the currency in the months of January, February, March, April, and May last [Resolutions calling upon retail tradesmen for] An attested account of the prices they severally sold for, or charged at,

Whereas we the subscribers have broke the association of the late Continental Congress, by unloading a part of the cargo from oh board the Ship Beulah; we do declare that we are sorry for the offence we have the publick there-by, and that we wil

Whereas, I Thomas White, late of Mount Pleasant, in the County of Jefferson, and State of Ohio, did obtain letters patent of the United States, for certain improvements in a machine for finishing silk, either for the loom or needle designated an

Which issue shall I buy? There is a fifth war loan security to meet every investment need. [1944].

Which shall it be? Two men hunting one job, or two jobs hunting one man. The above question is to be decided on November 6th ... New York. Press of De Leeuw & Oppenheimer. [n. d.].

Whig dinner to the Senators of Massachusetts. An adjourned meeting of the subscribers to the Whig Dinner, was held at the Mansion House, on Monday evening last ... Salem, July 23, 1834.

Whig electoral ticket. For President of the U. States, Winfield Scott, of New Jersey. For Vice-President, William A. Graham, of North Carolina. Whig electors for the State of Virginia [15 districts] [1852].

Whig extra, Knoxville, Saturday. Nov. 12, 1864. Call of a State convention ... Convention in Knoxville .... Election returns ....

Whig meeting at Exeter. N. H., October 27th, 1846.

Whig meeting. General William Henry Harrison the patriot President of the United States, and the great exponent of Whig principles, having departed this life, the Whigs of Washington are requested to meet a 7 o'clock this evening at the old Thea

Whig principles. "A sound national currency, regulated by the will and authority of the nation. An adequate revenue, with fair protection to American industry ... Baltimore. Printed and sold by J. Murphy, 146 Market St. [184-].

Whig ticket for electors of President and Vice President of the United States. [Names of 23 electors.] [n. p. n. d.].

Whig young men's ball commemorative of the birth of Washington and the Battle of Buena Vista. Friday evening, February 22d, 1850 at the Musical Fund Hall. The honor of 's company is particularly requested. [Philadelphia 1850].

The Whigs hate and persecute the naturalized citizens. A tract published by order of the Executive Committee of the Washington City Democratic Association. [Washington, D.C. 184-].

Whigs of Hampden. Springfield, Mass. Saturday, November 3, 1838.

Whigs of Rhode Island. The day is approaching when you are to decide the great vital and fundamental principles upon which your State government rests ... [Signed] A Rhode Island farmer [1846].

The whipping post; or, Gallows for the suspension of slanderers. [Washington, D. C. n. d.].

Whiskey, or fight Fourth ward. Collector, Bull Robinson. Register Ben. Beveridge, Sr. Alderman. Ham. Hughes ... [Washington, D. C.? June 1853].

White House William the conqueror. The white slaves battle cry of freedom ... Thomas W. Mitzner. Detroit, Mich. Geo. O. Williams, print. [c.1904].

The White house soliloquy. [n. p.] [c. 1888].

The white slave, or, Memoirs of a fugitive. From the many notices of the work, we cull the following lines:- ... Published by Tappan & Whittemore, Boston. [185-?].

White slavery!! or selling white men for debt! ... [Lexington 1840].

White slavery. The new "Democratic doctrine." ... Slavery not to be confined to the negro race, but to be made the universal condition of the laboring classes of society ... [1856].

White slaves. It is of the greatest importance to the workingmen of the United States to understand the true sentiments and objects of the leading traitors of the South ... [Signed] A democratic workingman. New York, Sept. 28th 1863.

Who are benefited by protection? An editorial article in the bulletin of the American iron and steel association, August 11, 1880.

Who are the bondholders? Three million of government creditors. Democratic war on the poor. Their contempt for the peoples' rights. Washington, D. C. Printed at the Great Republic office [1868?].

Who are the ruffians, murderers, and robbers in Kansas? [1856?]

Who endorsed the Helper book! Who were the inciters to bloodshed? "The unconditional abolition of slavery", "Peaceably, if we can; violently, if we must." Read? Read? Read ... [New York? 1861?].

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