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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


Anno Regni Regii Georgii II. Tricesimo secundi. Levying soldiers. An act passed by the great and General court or Assembly of His Majesty’s Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: begun and held at Boston, upon Wennesday, the thirty-fi

Anno Regni Regis Georgii Tertii, quarto et quinto 1764. Timber in Ipswich and Wenham An act, passed by the great and general court or assembly of his Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: Begun and held at Concord, in the C

Anno Regni regis & reginae Gulielmi& Mariae secundo. By the Governour, & council [An order for enlisting men in the expedition against Canada] Boston March 24 1689. [Cambridge: Printed by Samuel Green 1690].

Anno regni Regis Georgii Secundi vicesimo septimo. A bill for further ascertaining the descent of real estates of persons dying intestate without issue. [Boston, 1754].

Announcement. Edward A. Claypool, genealogist, takes pleasure in announcing his permanent location in suite 309, Bush Temple of Music, North Clark Street and Chicago Avenue ... [1897].

Announcement. Prof. John Tyndall of the Royal Institute, London, will deliver a course of six lectures on light ... commencing Tuesday ev'g, Dec. 3 `72 ... [Washington, D. C.] Gibson brothers, printers [1872].

Announcement. To give those interested in physical culture an opportunity to test the benefits and social advantages of the exercise derived from the use of the Plimpton Skate the inventor has hired and fitted the rooms at No. 652 Washington Str

Annual address of the Massachusetts temperance alliance to the people of the Commonwealth ... Boston, Sept. 12th, 1861.

Annual pilgrimage to the Joaquin Miller log cabin in Rock Creek Park by the California State Association on Sunday, June 3, 1917.

Annual report of the Illinois mutual fire insurance company. Office Ill's mutual fire insur. co. Alton, April 11th, 1843.

Annual report of the number of convicts in the Massachusetts state prison, their employment, &c. with a view of the expences and income of the institution for one year ending Sept. 30, 1828 ... [Boston] G. Davidson, printer [1828].

Annual report of the treasurer of the Provident Institution for savings, in the Town of Boston-- December 16, 1817. [Boston, 1817].

Annual statement of the mutual benefit life insurance co. January first 1858.

Annunciation. To the public. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for president of the United States for the next term ... Lorenzo Sherwood Washington, January 7, 1868.

Another call for a national convention. We have repeatedly admonished the Republican party of the necessity of vigorous material measures to increase production ... [n. p. n. d.].

Another leaf from history! ... [Letter from James P. Holcomb to Hon. J. P. Benjamin Richmond. Nov. 16, 1864].

Another life-long democrat testifies to the truth!! A patriotic letter from Dr. George B. Loring, of Salem, Mass. Support of the administration the only path to peace, unity national prosperity. The elevation of McClellan a national calamity!! S

Another plot! The heat of election hatches a brood of plots and falsehood .... Salem, March 21st 1812.

The answer of the House of Representatives to His Excellency Joseph Dudley Esq. His speech to the Honourable the Council, and House of representatives, delivered by the speaker and the whole House in the Council chamber in Boston, on Wednesday,

Answer of the Typographical Society to communications received from Robert Dale Owen. At a General Meeting of the New-York Typographical Society, Held on the Evening of the 5th of December, 1829 ... [signed] Ado. Chandler, W.E. Dean, D. H. Reins

An answer to the citizen's address to the public, published the 18th instant by A Plebeian. To the public. [Signed] A Plebeian [New York. 1769.

Answer to the governor's speech. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. House of representatives, June 9, 1808. May it please your excellency [regarding embargo act.] [Boston 1808].

Answers to the memorial and remonstrance of James Robertson and others. Trustees of the Bank of the United States. To the Senate and House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. [1852].

Anthony Dumesnil, jeweller and watch maker No. 24 Union Street. Boston has for sale gold and silver watches, of all kinds ... [Boston, 17- ].

Anti-Chinese mass meeting under the auspices of the Tacoma trades council Wednesday Eve. March 26, 1902 at the Lyceum theatre ... [Tacoma, Washington, 1902].

Anti-Jackson ticket. For representatives, Isaac H. Townsend, Philip S. Galpin ... [between 1824 and 1836?].

Anti-Texas meeting at Faneuil Hall! Friends of freedom! A proposition has been made, and will soon come up for consideration in the United States, to annex Texas to the Union ... Bostonians! Friends of freedom!! Let your voices be heard in loud

Anti-caucus. In consequence of the statements which have gone abroad, in relation to a Congressional nomination of candiates for President and Vice President of the United States, the undersigned ... Richard M. Johnson [and others] Caucus. The D

Anti-eternal torment! By Edwin Burnham ... Boston. Geo. B. Hamlin, Card and job printer, 131 Hanover Street [n. d.].

Anti-gambling mass meeting Harmanus Bleecker Hall Albany N. Y. Sunday, April 26, 1908. 3.30 P. M, [New York 1908].

Anti-ring democratic meeting! to be held at the skating rink, Granville, N. Y., Monday evening, Sept. 21, 1885. The meeting will be addressed by G. A. Weller, Jr., and others who have at heart an interest in the growth of the Democratic Party ..

Anti-slavery fair! The Abington anti-slavery fair will commence on Monday evening, Nov. 9th, at Union Hall, North Abington ... Abington, Nov. 6, 1857. Abington. Standard Press, Vaughan's Building, Centre Avenue.

Anti-slavery fair. It is proposed by women of the Massachusetts anti-slavery society to hold a fair in aid of the treasury, some time in the month of October next, in the city of Boston ... [n. p. n. d.].

Anti-slavery festival in Faneuil Hall. A welcome to Parker Pillsbury, on his safe return to America. Wednesday evening, May 28, 1856 ... Prentiss & Sawyer, Printers, No. 19 Water Street.

Anti-slavery hymns for the New England anti-slavery convention, Wednesday and Thursday, May 25th and 26th, 1859.

Anti-slavery meeting. Benj. S. & J. Elizabeth Jones will hold anti-slavery meetings at Friends, go and hear! [185-].

Anti-suffragists do not intend to have ballot forced on majority because minority wants it ... Issued by the New York State association opposed to woman suffrage. 29 West 39th Street. New York City [1913?].

The anti-war league of the District of Columbia will hold a big peace meeting in Bethesda Hall on Rockville electric line, Bethesda, Md. Thursday, December 16th, 8:00 P. M ... [Washington, D. C. 1916?].

Antimasonic address to the anti-masonic voters of Norfolk County and the ninth Congressional district of Massachusetts. [1835?].

... Antioch College, brethren and friends of the Christian church. We have waited with deep anxiety the result of the late meeting of the trustees of Antioch College. [soliciting subscriptions to clear the debt] Office of Herald of Gospel libert

Antiques! minerals, medals, ancient and rare books! Engravings, shells, &c. &c. A splendid collection of the above articles just received on sale, at Carusi & Young's music saloon ... [Washington, D. C,] Polkinhorn, printer. August 28th, 1852.

Antiquity revived. A funeral elegy by way of dialogue, between death, soul, body and Jesus Christ. Composed by Mr. Edmund Weld, formerly of Harvard college; who moving into Ireland became a preacher of the gospel at Inniskean; who upon the medit

... Antwort an den Senator Hoar. Die Erwidernug des Herrn Schurz auf seinen neulichen brief über die Blaine-Beschuldigungen [New York, 1884].

[Map] The preceding map comprehends all what is usually called the Louisiana purchase" by Thomas Jefferson which is at present divided into the states of Louisiana, Missouri, and into the territories of Arkansaw and Missouri ... Providence, Patr

[Map of] The northern part of Maine, with the adjoining parts of lower Canada and N. Brunswick exhibiting the newly established boundary line. [Jackson campain broadside].

Apheila by Thomas Bibb Bradley.

Apologia of Aldus Manutius. [United States : Bruce Rogers?, 194-?]

Appeal ... The Hon. James G. Blaine, as Chairman of a Special committee, submitted the following appeal which was unanimously adopted ... Washington, D. C. October 1881.

An appeal for "Old Glory" to the grand army of the Republic ... Chicago, July 4, 1900.

Appeal for Kansas sufferers! ... Daniel Foster, General agent of the N. E. Kansas relief committee [1860].

An appeal for peace sent to Lieut. Gen. Scott, July 4, 1861 ... Women of Maryland.

An appeal for relief to our Southern brethren. To the Clergy and laity of the Episcopal Church in Maryland. [186-].

An appeal for the Loyal College, Maryville, East Tennessee. [1867].

Appeal in behalf of the Washington national monument. The voters of Washington are informed that the monument now being erected in this City, to the memory of the "Father of his Country", has reached the height of 154 feet, and has cost about {d

An appeal to Republican senators by wealthy and influential republican leaders of Georgia. Washington, D. C. Gibson Brothers, printers. 1870.

Appeal to the American people. The President having signed the Treaty of the Geneva conference and the Senate having on the 16th instant, ratified the President's action, the American association of the Red Cross, organized under provisions of s

An appeal to the alms givers of Baltimore on behalf of "The charity organization society of Baltimore City." [Baltimore. n. d.].

Appeal to the country in behalf of the Washington national monument. Washington City. H. Polkinhorn, printer [1856].

An appeal to the friends of science. For the second time, the Portland Society of National History has been visited by a destructive calamity. Its new hall, with the furniture and all its collections, have again been destroyed by fire ... [Portl

Appeal to the people of South-Carolina, in behalf of subscriptions to the Louisville, Cincinnati, and Charleston rail-road. Charleston, S. C. Printed by D.J. Dowling. 1836.

Appeal to the people of Tennessee ... Andrew Johnson. Executive office. Nashville, March 18th 1862.

Appeal to the people of Virginia. Richomond, February 22d, 1865.

Appeal to the public. Pennsylvania hospital, 10th Month 31, 1864. At a meeting of the Board of managers, held this day the following appeal to the public, voluntarily prepared by our physicians and surgeons was read. On motion, it was unanimousl

An appeal to the women of New-Hampshire ... Sarah King Hale. Vice Regent for New Hampshire. Keene. Nov. 16, 1858.

Appeal to womanhood throughout the world, ... Julia Ward Howe. Boston, September, 1870.

Application and experience statement for state and county service [Albany, 1907?].

Applications for material to be manufactured into hospital clothing, are constantly received by us ... U. S. Sanitary commission New York agency, October 22, 1862.

April 1, 1762. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esquire His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governour, and Commander in Chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the House of Burgesses ... To which his Honour was pleased to ret

April 1, 1762. To the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esquire, His Majesty's Lieutenant-governour, and Commander in chief of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia: The humble address of the Council ... to which his Honour was pleased to return the fo

April 16th, 1757. To the Honorable Robert Dinwiddie, Esq; His Majesty's Lieutenant-Governor, and Commander in chief, of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia; The humble address of the Council. [Williamsburg: Printed by William Hunter, 1757] [Nega

April 1859. Managers' office of the Consolidated lotteries of Delaware. Wilmington, Delaware. [Wilmington, 1859].

April 2, 1866.- Declaring the insurrection at an end in certain states of the Union. By the President of the United States of America. A proclamation ... Now, therefore, I, Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, do hereby proclaim and d

Aquatic anti-bilious tonic cordial; entirely vegetable. A sure cure for fever and ague ... To be used in connexion with the warm and cool bath ... Directions .... Description of the warm and cool bath ... G. Coffeen, Jr. Proprietor. Blue Ball, B

"Paramount issues" Democrats invent a new one every four years to save the endangered republic - parallel of 1864 and 1890. [St. Paul, n. d.].

Arbor day May 5, 1922. A proclamation by the Governor [Lansing, 1922].

Arbor day proclamation May 1st 1903. State of South Dakota. Charles N. Herreid Governor. [Pierre. 1903].

Arbor day proclamation South Dakota. 1902. [Pierre. 1902].

Arbor day proclamation. 1904. Oklahoma Territory.

Arbor day proclamation. Oklahoma Territory 1903.

The arcade reports for employers by Earl M. Pratt. M. D. [Oak Park, Ill. c. 1902].

[Card giving date of regular meeting of the academy, council and Executive committee.] [Washington, D. C. 187-?].

The argument of the Hon. Levi Woodbury before the Hon. Messrs. Henry Hubbard, Leonard Wilcox, and Frederick Vose, as referees and arbitrators in the case Isaac Hill against Cyrus Barton, September 29, 1841.

Argument. Gentlemen: As counsel of the "original proprietors" of the city of Washington, we submit to the decision of your Committee, composed, as it is, of members of the bar, their case now before you ... Brent & Brent, Att's for the Proprieto

Arithmetical progression and our national debt. Series No. 3. By John F. Stump. Philadelphia. Pa. March 1, 1868.

Arithmetical tables - for schools By Miss D. A. Hadley. [n. p.] [c. 1855].

The Arizona election. To the people of Arizona: ... Charles D. Poston ... New York, 1st December, 1865.

The Arkansas contest. Statement of the regular delegates. Baltimore. June 20th, 1860.

The army grayback ... Toledo, Ohio 1867

Arrangement for the funeral procession [of Fisher Ames, Boston, July 6, 1808].

Arrangement for the inauguration of the president elect on the fourth day, or March, 1837. Prepared by the committee of the Senate. [Washington, D. C. 1837].

Arrangements for laying the Corner Stone of Jackson City. The stone will be held laid this day, at 12 o'clock, by the President of the United States. ... January 8th, 1836.

Arrangements for the inauguration of the president of the United States on the Fourth of March, 1861 ... Committee of arrangements. [Washington, 1861.

Arrears of pay, bounty money and pensions. Office of Nettleton, Gilbert & Camp, Ill Broadway, New York. Invalid & half-pay pensions. $100 bounty back pay and prize money ... New York. John W. Amerman, printer, 47 Cedar Street [1862?].

Arrow auto touring chart. Not a map. Trans-continental. Your destination at a glance. Where to and how to go ... New York Zamkin Press. 1939.

The art of living ... Gabriel Wells. Christmas 1942.

The art of making money plenty in every man's pocket by Doctor Franklin. New York Published by P. Maverick, 1817.

... The art of money getting ... [announcements for lectures at Springfield, Mass., on April 2 and at Westfield, Mass., on April 3, 1863].

Article second of Senator Fassett's prison bill (as originally prepared.) [n. d.].

Articles and regulations of the Friendly society of tradesman, house carpenters, in the City of New York, made and agreed upon the 10th day of March, in the year of our Lord, 1767, for the uses and considerations herein after mentioned. [New Yor

Articles of agreement for conducting the business respecting the land, called the Gore, granted by patent, to Jeremiah Halsey and Andrew Ward, Esquire. [Hartford, 1795].

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