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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


An alphabetical assessment-list of all the commissioned and staff officers of Virginia militia, and of all free persons exempt from militia duty in the county of within the bounds of the regiment and owning any property taxed in the Commissioner

Alphonse Daudet. A sketch of the famous French novelist and his works. [n. p. n. d.].

Alton Institute. A lecture will be delivered this evening, at the Baptist church, by Rev. G. B. Perry. Subject- "Elevated intelligence conducive to pure morality." ... J. W. Lincoln, Sec'y. [Alton] Feb. 12 [1840?].

Alton institute. The regular annual meeting of the members of the institute, will be holden on Monday, June 28th, at 8 o'clock P. M. ... J. W. Lincoln, Rec. Sec. Alton, June 26, 1841.

Always cherish the memory of Abraham Lincoln, born Feb. 12, 1809, Died April 15 '65, aged 56 yrs, 2 ms, 3 days. [facsimile of original playbill poster] Ford's Theatre, Tenth Street, Above E. Season II, Week XXXI, Night 196 … Friday evening, Apri

Ambitious views. To the voters at the next election ... An old Kentuckian. [Kentucky 1829?].

Ambrotype house of James & Co., No. 4. Summer Street, .... Boston. Where pictures are taken for 25 cents and upwards ... Dauguerreotypes copies to Ambrotypes or photographs, in the best style, and satisfaction guaranteed. [185-?].

Amended sections of the food law. Des Moines, 1907.

Amendment 6 to rule 6, revision 1.- To prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease in cattle, sheep, other ruminants, and swine. Effective on and after December 19, 1908. [Washington, D. C. 1908].

Amendment proposed by Mr. Stanard, by way of substitute for the bill "To raise a regular force for the defence of this Commonwealth." [Richmond 1815].

Amendments proposed by the Senate to the bill, entitled, "An act authorizing a regular force for the defence of the Commonwealth." [Richmond, 1815.].

Amendments proposed in the committee of the whole House, to the bill to amend the act, intituled, "An act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization. [Philadelphia: Printed by Childs and Swaine, 1794] [Negative photostat.].

Amendments proposed to the federal constitution. [Richmond, 1821?].

Amendments to bill, entitled, "An act repealing after the last day of June next the duties heretofore laid upon distilled spirits imported from abroad, and laying others in their stead; and also upon spirits distilled within the United States: a

Amendments to the bill to incorporate The Salem steam-mill and banking company, in the County of Salem. [182-?].

Amendments to the bill, entitled, "An act more effectually to provide for the national defence, by establishing an uniform militia throughout the United States. [Philadelphia] Printed by John Fenno [1792].

Amendments to the bill, entitled. "An act for regulating processes in the Courts of the United States, and providing compensations for the officers of the said courts and for jurors and witnesses. [Colophon:] Philadelphia Printed by John Fenno.

America by John Boyle O'Reilly. Read at the reunion of the Army of the Potomac, at Detroit, on June 14, 1882. [Detroit, 1882].

America first. Not merely in matters material, but in things of the spirit ... From a sermon by Bishop G. Ashton Oldham in Washington, D. C., September 7. 1924. Published by the National Council for prevention of war, 532 Seventeeth St. N. W.

America independent: An oratorial entertainment. [n. p. 1781.].

America is the promise of a new order of ages to humanity. Proclamation ... New York January 27, 1916.

America the promise of "A new order of ages" to humanity ... A proclamation ... American society of the new order ages. New York, December 1915.

America, [by] E. V. H. [San Francisco 1925?].

The American Republican. To the American republicans of New England [Prospectus] Boston, Oct. 23, 1844.

American Settlement Co. Circular ... 1854.

American Theatre, in Mercer-Street, in the rear of 1 Mile Stone, Broadway. Positively the last night! Mr. Hewlett ... On Monday the 24th of March, Mr. Hewlett will be at home in the following: Part 1st--Songs ... Part 2d ... La diligence ... Par

American Watchman extra. Watchman office, 11th August 1809. To the kindness of a friend we are indebted for the following important document, received from Washington, by this morning's mail, and lose not a moment in laying it before our readers

American agency office.. Washington, D. C. April, 1847. Dear Sir: The undersigned offers his services to those who may have claim for pensions of any description whatever ... John M. Thayer.

American and foreign agency, in Washington, D. C. The undersigned offers his services in the prosecution of claims before Congress and the several departments ... Jos. C. G. Kennedy, March 29, 1853. [Washington, D. C. 1853].

American commerce in Flames! Americans! See the execution of Bonaparte's orders to burn, sink, and destroy your ships! [Cuts] American! Look on this picture! Read the transactions on which it is founded; and then vote for Sullivan, or any other

American copy-books. [Cover of a copy-book] Brooklyn, May, 1852.

The American crisis (No. 1) By the author of Common sense. [Boston] Sold opposite the court house Queen Street [1776].

The American federation of labor does what all federations of labor unions do, attempts to give solidarity to the labor movement by getting the various sections of the labor army into touch with each other ... Organizing bureau of the American f

American federation of labor endeavors to unite all classes of wage-workers under one head, through their several organizations to the end. 1 That class, race, creed, political and trade prejudices may be abolished. 2. That support, moral and fi

American first day Sunday, June 29, 1924 .... In every section of West Virginia religious patriotic services will be held the Sunday prior to July fourth. Good citizens should attend and assist with these meeting. Charleston, W. Va. American con

The American free-trade league holds that every man should have the right to exchange the product of his labor, wherever he can obtain the most for it ... [New York. n. d.].

The American free-trade league holds that every man should have the right to exchange the product of his labor, wherever he can obtain the most of it ... New York [1870?].

The American hero: a sapphick ode by Nath. Niles. A. M. Norwich, (Connecticut) October 1775.

American historical association. Historical manuscripts commission. Circular to private individuals owning or having knowledge of unpublished documents of historical value. [n. p. n. d.].

American lands and funds. The American lands and funds open the most inviting and gainful prospect that is now beheld under the sun. The extent of territory, the variety of soil, the lakes and rivers, the harbours for ships ... Boston: Printed b

American manufactures. The subscriber begs leave to inform the citizens of the United States, that he makes on the shortest notice and in the completest manner, all kinds of carding and spinning machines for wool and cotton ... John Hague. Phila

The American ornithology, with twenty-six splendid coloured engravings by Alexander Wilson. With a life of the author by George Ord. In preparing this edition for the press, the original text of Wilson has been carefully preserved ... Harrsion H

American quarterly review [Prospectus] P. Force. City of Washington, December 6th, 1817.

American roast beef, a song, composed for the 4th March, 1801. [7 verses]. [Positive Photostat].

American school institute (Introductory and representative.) Appletons' builing, 346 Broadway, New York. E. H. Chapman & Smith [Circular] [New York 1851].

American solidified milk! concentrated (dry) from pure milk at the American solidified milk manufactory, near Amenia, Dutchess Co. N. Y. [Circular] [New York c. 1858].

The American star bicycle. patented by G.W. Pressey. America wheels to the front ... Description and claims relating to the American star bicycle ... H. B. Smith Machine Co., Smithville, Burlington Co., N. J. [n. d.].

American taxation a song of seventy-nine. [Boston] Nathaniel Coverly, Printer, Milk-Street [181-?].

American taxation, or The spirit of seventy-six exemplified in a song written in the golden days which tried men's souls. [Connecticut, 1779?].

American taxation. This song was written when the "Trump of war" sounded through this happy land, and although peculiarly applicable to that time, cannot but be received with approbation at the present day. [36 stanzas printed in two columns] [1

American telegraph system, semaphoric as well as magnetic. American semaphore or marine signals, connected with the electro-magnetic telegraph. Rogers & Black, patentees of the semaphore-Henry O'Rielly, Agent for the U. S. [n. p. n. d.].

The American times- chronicle. Containing the freshest advices - both foreign and domestic. December 1776. [n. p.] Copyright 1935 by Herbert A. Woodruff.

The American union commission feels constrained to appeal in behalf of the suffering refugees of the South, to the charities of the community ... New York, Nov. 9th, 1864.

The American university - an appeal. To the members and friends of the Methodist Episcopal church in America ... John F. Hurst, Chancellor. 4 Iowa Circle Washington, D. C. [1890?].

The American woods beautifully exhibited by actual specimens in a novel and unique publication by Romeyn B. Hough. [Prospectus] Lowville. N. Y. 1887.

The American woods, a publication in book form of beautifully prepared specimens of American woods, and with copious explanatory text by Romeyn B. Hough [Prospectus] Lowville. N. Y. 1887].

Americana. Announcing three essays of historical and typographic interest by Douglas C. McMurtrie ... Chicago, The Black Cat Press [n. d.].

... Americanism versus communism Address of Hon. Patrick J. Hurley. Former Secretary of war at the United States Flag association program, July 4, 1935. Printed in the Congressional record of July 10, 1935. [Washington, D.C.] U. S. Government pr

The Americans are robbers .... Benj. G. Bullkey. [n. p. 1820].

The Americans are robbers. This declaration I posted up, along with my reasons for it, A.D. 1809, at Spring Garden and other places at Philadelphia, at electioneering days, before thousands of people, yet nobody has brought me to an account for

[Names of candidates and votes received in each county.].

Ames' lotion, for the almost immediate cure of burns, scalds, cuts, bruises, chilblains, frost-bitten limbs, tooth-ache, ague in the face, sore lips and hands, and many other diseases. Sold wholesale and retail by Simeon S. Ames ... A. Mudge & s

Amherst Express. Extra. Williams and Amherst base ball and chess! Muscle and mind!! July 1st and 2d, 1859.

Amos 4, 11, cap. 8, 10. ca. 4, 12. ... Auf Weynachten, 1755.

Amoskeig canal. To the public. The following is a true statement relative to Amoskeig Canal, and the labour done thereon the last season. Samuel Blodget. Derryfield, Dec. 6, 1803. Concord- Printed by Geo. Hough Dec. 12, 1803.

[Campaign badge bearing a portrait of Zachary Taylor and a facsimile of his signature together with a quotation from one of his speeches: "I ask no favors, and shun no responsibilities."].

[Campaign document.]

[Campaign posters, etc. relating to Indiana policies. Indianapolis, 1938].

[Campaign posters. 1929].

[Pamphlets relating to political campaign for election of candidates for mayor, school superintendent, etc. of Indianapolis, Indiana. Nov. 5, 1929.]

[Samples of penmanship from A. R. Dunton & Chapman's disciplinarian for schools of all grades.] Boston [c. 1859].

An act concerning consuls and vice consuls … Philadelphia, Andrew Brown [1791]

An act concerning consuls and vice-consuls … [n.p., 1791?]

An die Republicaner des Staats von Pennsylvanien. Freunde und Mitburger ... [Signed] by Peter Muhlenberg, Samuel Miles, A. J. Dallas, Michael Leib Tench Cox, Wilhelm Penrose ... Philadelphia: Gedruckt bey J. R. Kammerer und G. Helmhold, jun. No.

An die deutschen Bürger Washington's! Landsleute! Da es eifrigst in umlauf gebracht worden, dass Herr Walter Lennor, der gegenwäartige Burgemeister, sein candidat für die wiederewählung sein würde, so fühle ich mich ... Ein deutscher Bürger. Mai

An die deutschen mähler von Massachusetts. Boston, 1884.

An die freien und unabhaengigen Waehler des New-York Staates. Freunde und Mitburger. Die Zeit ist nabe, wenn ihr wiederum aufgesodert werdet einen Statthalter und Unter-Statthalter dieses Staates zu wählen. Die kandidaten der statthalter stelle

"Can we bear more debt?" A plea for the soldier. To the editor of the N. Y. Tribune ... William S. Morse. [Washington, D. C. 186-?].

Ancient armour, and the magnificient picture of Belshazzar's feast painted on 2,000 feet of canvass are now open, day and evening. at the Diorama, Corner of Tremont and Boylston-streets. In a building erected expressly for the purpose ... [Bosto

Andrew J. Graham's new and superior works on standard phonography. New York. [n. d.].

Andrew Jackson President of the United States of America, to all and singular to whom these presents shall come, greeting: Whereas a treaty between the United States of America, and the Mingoes, chiefs, captains and warriors, of the Choctaw nati

Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson .... June 1, 1866.

Andrew Jackson's inaugural address, on being sworn into office, as President of the United States, March 4th, 1829 ... Washington. Printed at the office of the United States Telegraph [1829].

Andrew Jackson, President of the United States of America, to all and singular to whom these presents shall come, Greeting: Whereas a treaty between the United States of America, and the Potawatimie Indians, was made and concluded, on the Tippec

Andrew Meneely's manufacturing establishment, West Troy, Albany County. N.Y, [Advertisement.] West Troy. W. Hollands, printer [1841].

"The Dandy fifth." by Frank H. Gassaway [San Francisco 1877].

... Anecdote of John Randolph of Roanoke inclosing one of his cards. 5 mo. 24, 1833.

An anecdote of a certain candidate, for the ensuing election. Happening to be at Newark, when he first heard that Mr. J y, was acquitted of the crime laid to his charge he shrugged his shoulders, and said that from the disposition himself had ob

... Anecdotes of love, being a true account of the most remarkable events connected with the history of love in all ages and among all nations. By Madame Lola Montez ... There can be no doubt that the anecdotes of love, will be found, beyond all

"Sanitaria," or Homes for discharged, disabled soldiers ... Fred N. Knapp, Supt. of Special relief, U. S. Sanitary commission. Washington, D. C., May 5, 1865.

"Sanitaria," or, Homes for Discharged Disabled Soldiers ... Washington, D. C. May 5, 1865.

Annapolis, (Maryland) Oct. 20. The brig Peggy Stewart, Captain from London having on board seventeen packages containing 2320 lb of that detestable weed tea arrived here on Friday last ...[After making public acknowledgement] owners of the tea

Anne Greene Chapman, of Boston (From the Liberator) [1837].

The annexation of Mexico the means of paying the national debt. Letter to President Johnson from Andrew J. Wilcox. [Baltimore? 1865?].

... The anniversaries ... [1862].

Anniversary dinner of the Brooklyn New England Society at the Mansion House, Thursday, December 22d, 1853.

Anniversary meeting of the American missionary association at the Tremont Temple. May 30, 1866. Boston, Innes & Niles, printers, 37 Conrhill.

Anniversary of the Cambridgeport musical choir. Thursday evening Oct. 26, 1826. J. B. Clough, Custom-house street [1826].

Anniversary of the Lowell Sabbath School Union, in the grove on Chapel Hill, July 4, 1838, 10 o'clock, A. M. Order of exercises.

Anno Regni Georgii II. tricesimo primo. Levying of soldiers. An act passed by the great and general court of assembly of His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England: begun and held at Boston, upon Wednesday the twenty-fifth da

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