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An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera


... An act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes, and to preserve peace on the frontiers [Philadelphia: Printed by Francis Childs, 1796.].

... An act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes. [New York: Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1790].

An act to repeal part of a resolution of Congress of the twenty-ninth of August, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-eight, respecting the inhabitant of Port Saint Vincents 1793. February the 6th- Passed the House of representatives. [Philadel

An act to restrain the sending of provisions to Cape-Breton, or any other French port or settlement, on the Continent of North America, or Islands night or adjacent thereto. [New York: Printed by James Parker, 1755].

An act to revive and continue in force, for a further time, the first section of the act, entitled "An act further to protect the commerce and seamen of the United States, against the Barbary powers." ... January 12, 1810 Approved. James Madison

... An act to satisfy the claims of John M'Cord against the United States ... [Followed by An act for the relief of Nathaniel Twining. [New York: Printed by Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1790.].

An act to stimulate and give efficacy to the paper bills, emitted by this State in May last ... Providence: Printed by Bennett Wheeler [1786].

An act to suspend in part, an act, entitled "An act to augment the army of the United States, and for other purpose." ... Passed the House of representatives January 24th, 1800.

An act to suspend the commercial intercourse between the United States and France, and the dependencies thereof ... Approved, June 13th, 1798. John Adams, President of the United States. [Philadelphia, 1798].

An act, continuing in force, for a further time, the first section of the act, intituled "An act further to protect the commerce and seamen of the United States, against the Barbary powers." ... April 21, 1806. Approved. Th: Jefferson. [Followed

An act, further to suspend the commercial intercourse between the United States and France, and the dependencies thereof ... Approved, February 27th, 1800. John Adams, President of the United States.

An act, imposing taxes for the support of government. passed December 21st, 1814. [Richmond 1814.].

An act, incorporating the Magdalen society in the City of Philadelphia [n. p. 1802].

An act, to amend an act entitled ‘an act establishing a permanent revenue.' Approved December 20, 1794. [Lexington], 1795.

An act, to regulate the exportation of flax-seed and lunmber, passed the 1st of March 1788 ... New-York, Printed by Thomas Greenleaf, No. 25 Water-Street [1788].

Acte donnant pouvoir aux Aubains d'acheter & posséder des Biens-réels dans la République de Pennsylvanie ... Signe'par ordre de la Chambre Richard Peters, Orateur. Passé en Loi à Philadelphie, le Mercredi, onze de Fevrier, de l'an de notre Seign

Acts and laws, passed by the great and General Court or Assembly of His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England: begun and held at Boston, upon Wednesday the twenty sixth day of May 1773. Boston, New England. Printed by Richa

Acts and resolutions of the Congress of the Confederate states, in relation to the customs and the officers thereof .... February 1861.

Acts passed at the first session of the seventh Congress. [1802].

Ad multos annos : William Butler Yeats in his seventieth year MCMXXXV … 500 copies of Joyce Mayhew's tribute to William Butler Yeats printed by the Eucalyptus Press [Mills College, Oakland, California] for Albert M. Bender, September 1935.

Adam und Eva, in paradies ... Reading gedruckt bey C. A. Bruckman. [n. d.].

Additional articles to the treaty between the United States of America and the Ta-Tsing empire, of June 18, 1858. Concluded at Washington, July 28, 1868.

Additional regulations concerning commercial intercourse with and in states declared in insurrection. January 26, 1864. [Washington, D. C. 1854].

Additional standing rules and orders of the House of representatives. [New York: Francis Childs and John Swaine, 1789].

The address and reasons of dissent of the minority of the convention of the state of Pennsylvania, to their constituents. [Dated] Philadelphia. December 12, 1787. Philadelphia: Printed by E. Oswald, at the Coffee-House, [1787] [Positive Photosta

Address and resolutions of the American institute. At a meeting of the "American Institute of the City of New-York, held at Tammany Hall on the 11th of March 1828, the committee appointed for that purpose, submitted the following address to the

Address and resolutions of the national equal rights league convention of colored men, held at Washington, D. C., January 10th, 11th and 12th, 1867.

Address before the Caledonia County agricultural society, at the annual fair held at St. Johnsbury Plain. Oct. 2d, 1845. By Henry Stevens, Esq.

An address delivered by David K. Este, Esq. at a meeting of the friends of the administration in Springfield, Saturday, Sept. 20, 1828.

An address from the Supreme Executive Council to the inhabitants of Pennsylvania. Friends and countrymen! When first we resolved to resist the tyrannical encroachments of Britain, and rather to meet her in the field as anenemy, than submit to he

An address from the Young Men's Fillmore & Donelson Association, of Boston, to the young men of Massachusetts. [1856?].

Address issued by the Ladies' Chapel Society, Cohasset, January 1, 1877. Organized 1874.

... Address of Charles R. Codman, Chairman of the conference of Republicans and Independents, held at New York, July 22, 1884. [New York, 1884].

Address of Charles R. Codman. Chairman of the conference of Republicans and Independents, held at New York, July 22, 1884 [New York, 1884].

Address of Gen. J. W. Sanford, Commissioner of Georgia, before the Texas convention, 4th Feb. 1861.

Address of Gen. W. C. Wickham, delivered before the Grant and Colfax ratification meeting, held in the City of Richmond, Va., August 25th, 1868. Published by the State Central committee. Alexandria, Va. Virginia State Journal job printing office

Address of General Beauregard. Headquarters Military division of the west. October 17th, 1864.

The address of His Majesty’s Council. To his Excellency General Gage, commander-in chief of His Majesty’s forces in America, Captain general and governor, in and over His Majesty’s province of the Massachusetts-Bay. [Followed by] His Excellency’

The address of His Majesty's council, Boston 1775.

Address of Hon. Charles D. Drake, to the radical union men of Missouri. Washington, D. C., April 20, 1868. Printed at the Congressional globe office.

Address of Hon. John Cessna, before the alumni association of Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, July 26th, 1864, Shall the Republic still live?.

Address of Hon. John Hay. (After the formal opening of the thirteenth peace Congress, secretary John Hay was introduced. He represented the government of the United States officially in welcoming the Congress to America ... [Washington, D. C.? 1

Address of John Brown to the Virginia Court, when about to receive the sentence of death, for his heroic attempt at Harper's Ferry to give deliverance to the captives, and to let the oppressed go free ... Boston. Printed by C. C. Mead, 91 Washin

Address of Mr. George C. Dromgoole to his constituents. Washington City, Feb. 8th, 1847. To the voters of the second Congressional district. in the state of Virginia ....

The address of Mr. Justice Livingston, to the House of Assembly, in support of his right to a seat. [New York; Printed by John Holt, December 1769].

Address of Republican state convention, May 6, 1868 ... Baltimore. John W. Woods, Steam book and Job printer, 202 Baltimore Street [1868].

Address of employés of the government printing office (employed exclusively at night) to the Senate and House of representatives, forty-ninth Congress. Second session, 1887, [Washington, D. C.] Press of the craftsman, 505 D Street N. W. [1887].

Address of loyal Virginians to their friends in the North. Sir:- The undersigned, committee of correspondence of the Virginia Union association, take the liberty to address you this communication upon the subhect of re-organization of the State

Address of the Board of Health of the City of New-York to their fellow-citizens ... [New York] Printed by Southwick & Hardcastle, No. 2. Wall-Street, [1807].

Address of the Cincinnati Society of religious inquiry and Young men's Christian union. 1854.

Address of the Council of the Fenian brotherhood ... John Savage Chief Executive Fenian brotherhood. [1866?].

Address of the Democratic association. The treaty in favor of American tobacco, cotton, rice and lard rejected by the Whigs ... Washington City, Sept. 20, 1844.

Address of the Democratic convention ... [Nov. 23, 1846].

Address of the Federal republican committee of Kent County to the electors of the same [1803?].

Address of the Female anti-slavery society of the City of Hudson, N. Y. to their fellow-citizens ... Mary Paddock, president. Ann Marriott, Jr. Sec'ry.

Address of the General Committee of Republican young men of the City of New York, friendly to the election of Andrew Jackson ... [New York 1828].

The address of the General conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church to all their brethren and friends in the United States. Dear Brethren: We the members of the General conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church beg leave to address you wi

Address of the Governor of Louisiana to the soldiers of Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. Shreveport, La. April 18, 1864.

Address of the Grand Council, U.L.A., to the councils of the Union League in Alabama [January 2, 1867].

An address of the House of delegates of Maryland to their constituents. [Signed] Thomas Cockey Deye, Speaker. [Annapolis: Printed by Frederick Green, 1786.]

Address of the Journeymen bookbinders, of the City and County of Philadelphia ... Philadelphia. January 27, 1836.

Address of the Lancaster County Whig Committee to their brother Whigs of Lancaster and other counties of Pennsylvania ... Lancaster, Sept. 13, 1850.

The address of the Lords and Commons to his Majesty, on the present state of America, &c. From the London Gazettee, of February 11. ... [Philadelphia] Printed by John Dunlap [1775].

Address of the Massachusetts Republican state committee. Boston, Sept. 19, 1878.

Address of the President. To the people of the Confederate States of America ... [Signed:] Jefferson Davis. Danville, April 4th, 1865.

Address of the Printers' Grant and Colfax club of the District of Columbia. Washington D. C. Gibson Brothers, printers [1868].

Address of the Republican committee of the County of Gloucester, New-Jersey ... Gloucester County, December 15, 1800.

Address of the Republican state central committee to the electors of Rhode Island ... Providence, Aug. 10th, 1860.

Address of the State Committee to the cities of the Commonwealth ... W. B. Spooner, Chairman. Statistics of intemperance in Boston. Number of places where liquor is sold ... [1858].

Address of the State Republican Committee to the people of Missouri. Aug. 12, 1870.

Address of the committees appointed at meetings of the tenants, freeholders of the four towns in the West Manor of Rensselaerwick, to the electors of the State of New York. Great pains having been taken by the friends of Mr. Clinton to induce an

An address of the gentlemen and principal inhabitants of the Town of Boston, to His Excellency Governor Gage. May it please your excellency. The gentlemen and principal inhabitants of Boston, beg leave dutifully to address your excellency, oh yo

Address of the mechanics and other working men of Washington City, to their fellow-citizens. [Washington, D. C. 1830].

An address of the subscribers members of the late House of representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to their constituents ... [Signed by 16 members] Saturday Sept. 29th, 1787. [Phildelphia, 1787] [Positive Photostat.].

Address of the watchmen of the city and county of Philadelphia, on the return of Christmas for the year 1818. December 25, 1818.

Address of welcome to Rear Admiral David D. Porter, on his temporary return to his home, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, July 27th, 1864.

Address reported by Gerrit Smith to the Jerry rescue convention, held in Syracuse October 1, 1857.

An address to His Excellency, the president, the Honorable Secretary of the treasury, and the Honorable Senators and Congressmen of the United States .... [Signed] Vox Populo, New York, February 17, 1863.

An address to cutters, tailors and others engaged in the manufacture of clothing and cloaks ... Vote for Harrison and Morton and protection to American industries ... New York: Press of De Leeuw & Oppenheimer. [1888].

... An address to the American people. Zelienople, Pa. July 17, 1899.

Address to the Democratic Citizens of the City and County of Philadelphia. [Philadelphia] March 19, 1834.

An address to the Freemen of Pennsylvania ... [Signed] The friends of harmony. [n. d.].

An address to the Freemen of Pennsylvania It is a principal duty of good citizens in every community to lay before their countrymen and fellow-citizens their candid and dispassionate remarks upon such important matters as interest the whole soci

... Address to the Freemen of Pennsylvania. Keystone--Extra, Saturday, December 29, 1838.

Address to the Journeymen Cordwainers L. B. of Philadelphia by John McIlvaine. Philadelphia. Printed at Johnson's Cheap card and job printing office, No. 7 N. Tenth St. [185-?].

An address to the Republicans of Georgia .... Joseph W. Clift. Continental Hotel, Washington, D. C., Nov. 29, 1871.

An address to the Republicans of Georgia. The undersigned Republicans of the state, believing that a most favorable opportunity presents itself for strengthening the Republican party in this state, submit the following views for your considerati

Address to the citizens of Rhode Island who are denied the right of suffrage. Published by The First Social reform society of New York [1840?].

An address to the citizens of Rockcastle County, Ky. ... John G. Fee. Berrea, Madison Co. Ky. July 30, 1857.

An address to the electors of Bristol distrixt. [Signed] An elector. [1810?].

An address to the electors of Connecticut. [March 1857].

An Address to the freeholders of Dutchess County. By a fellow-freeholder and inhabitant. Friends and countrymen ... [n. d.].

Address to the freeholders of Ohio County, Virginia. Fellow Citizens. At a meeting held at Hamit's old place, on the 10th of Sept last, it was resolved to support John G. Jackson, esq for the next congress, and we were appointed a standing commi

An address to the inhabitants of Boston, (particularly to the thoughtless youth) occasioned by the execution of Levi Ames, who so early in life, as not 22 years of age, must quit the stage of action in this awful manner ... [n. d.].

An address to the inhabitants of Boston, (particularly to the thoughtless youth) occasioned by the execution of Levi Ames. Who so early in life, as not 22 years of age, must quit the stage of action in this awful manner. He was tried for burglar

Address to the inhabitants of the Upper Province of Canada ... Geo McClure, Commanding Niagara Frontier Head Quarters, Fort George Oct. 16, 1813.

... An Address to the moral and religious portion of the people of the United States ... Published by the National Union Tract board of the aged guard of '62 of Baltimore City. [1863].

An address to the numerous and respectable inhabitants of the great and extensive district of Maine ... A number of your representatives March, 1791. [Portland: Printed by Thomas B. Wait, 1791].

Address to the people of Burlington in reference to the awful events of Aug. 29, 1855 ... Printed at the American office, Burlington, N. J. [1855].

Address to the people of the United States. Mr. Holly. Alex A. Young, Pr [1828].

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