Manuscript Digitization Demonstration Project


Executive summary

1. Background and purpose of the project

2. Two surveys of the field

3. Committee Discussion

4. Sample documents and initial image capture

5. Preservation-quality images: types and resolution

6. Preservation-quality images: enhancement

7. Preservation images: grayscale and color

8. Compression

9. Defining and deriving access-quality images

10. Hardware for rapid scanning

11. Future Image Formats and Compression

12. Phase II production plan

13. Phase II image examination

14. Project findings

15. References

Appendix A. Sample Images

Appendix B. Aspects of Scanner Design

Appendix C. Image Formats Survey Questionnaire

Appendix D. Image Enhancement Questionnaire

Appendix E. Image Enhancement Survey Responses

Appendix F. Image Enhancement Survey Mailing List

Appendix G. Scanner Survey Questionnaire

Appendix H. Scanner Survey Responses

Appendix I. Scanner Survey Mailing List

Appendix J. Test Charts