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Pioneering the Upper Midwest: Books from Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, ca. 1820-1920

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This collection of books from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, ca. 1820-1910 is comprised of first-person accounts and other primary documents of social and political history that illuminate the development of the states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin from the early nineteenth to the early twentieth century. The land and its resources; the conflicts between settlers and Native peoples; the experience of pioneers and missionaries, soldiers and political reformers, European immigrants and former slaves; early leadership in business, medicine, and education: all this and more comes to life in these works, which map the distinctive character of a heartland region.
Source collection
Technical features
Searchable text for book-length documents (average about 170 pages) written by different authors in different periods, diverse vocabulary offers challenges in pinpointing paragraphs on same (detailed) topic. In addition to page-images, separate images for illustrations and tables are available in two formats, for display and for printing. This collection was scanned in two batches. Halftone illustrations in the second batch were captured using a new approach to avoiding the moiré patterns associated with scanning halftones.
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Not available online as of December 1997. Expected summer 1998. Most similar collection is California as I Saw It: First-Person Narratives of California's Early Years, 1849-1900.
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The Library of Congress is not aware of any U.S. copyright or any other restrictions on the materials in this collection. See notes on rights and restrictions provided by the Library to users of a similar collection.

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MARC bibliographic records. Each bib. record describes a single item.
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Linking to digital reproductions
Bibliographic record contains identifier used in "directory name" for each metaobject representing a document. Numbering system in place to link searchable text to illustration images and page-images.

Digital reproductions

Total file-space for digital reproductions: 4 Gbytes

Printed Matter (documents) Archival text file Page-images Printing-quality service images for illustrations and tables Inline service images for illustrations and tables
Marker Filename extension ".sgm" Filename extension ".tif" Filename includes hyphen, extension ".pcx" or ".jpg" Filename includes hyphen, extension ".gif"
DTD American Memory
(TEI conformant)
n/a n/a n/a
Tonal resolution n/a 1 bit 1 bit 4 bit
Spatial resolution
n/a 300 dpi 300 dpi (may include random-pattern dithering or grayscale filtering) 250x350 pixels
Quantity (approx) 142 56,000 pages 4,700 PCX,
3,300 JPEG
File size 200-1,000 Kbytes 3-50 Kbytes 4-500 Kbytes 10-30Kbytes
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