Working in Paterson

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Glossary of Specialized Terms

Bobbin boy
A worker in a throwing plant who takes yarn from the bale and brings it to the person who soaks it in a solution.
A machine that takes single strands of wire, draws them inside the machine, and then twists them together to form a cable or electrical wire. A Kinrei buncher is a buncher manufactured in Japan by the Kinrei Corporation and then customized by Watson Machine to fit domestic requirements.
The process of putting the pattern into the harness of a loom; there are different kinds of patterns, from plain to fancy.
Floor boy
A person in a weaving plant who cleans the floor and helps other workers with menial work.
The many ways in which food and the activities encompassing its production distribution, preparation, serving, and consumption, become culturally meaningful and expressive.
Hot Texas Wiener
An all-beef hot dog "blanched" or par-cooked in 350-degree vegetable oil in a fry basket for a few minutes; cooked by another hot vegetable-oil bath in a tilted metal pan until done, and then placed in a bun; topped (in strict order) with a spicy, ballpark-style mustard; chopped onions; and a chili sauce containing ground beef, tomatoes, more onion, and a "secret" blend of spices including cayenne, cinnamon, allspice, and cumin.
A device for guiding a tool or holding machine parts in place during assembly.
Lead man
The person in charge of workers assigned to a specific task, or in charge of a whole shift of workers.
A small town in the Basilicata region of southern Italy.
People with ties to Montescaglioso.
A device used to reel in completed cable as it comes off a buncher or strander. Horizontal pay-off machines pay out wire or cable at a synchronized rate so that the individual wires can then be twisted and combined using a take-up machine like a buncher or a strander.
San Rocco do Montescaglioso
A social club for people from Montescaglioso. Each year the club hosts the Festa San Rocco, a religious parade celebrating the saint's day for San Rocco, which begins at St. Anthony's Catholic Church and finishes at the club.
A machine, loaded with spools of wire, that twists strands together to form a cable or electrical wire.
A device used to support spools of wire being supplied to a buncher.
Throwing plant
A plant that processes raw silk, then winds it on bobbins according to manufacturer's specifications.
Traverse screw
A device used to guide a jig that lays wire down evenly as it is taken up on a reel or spool.
Twining machines
Devices that take several strands of twine and twist them together to form ropes.
A worker who ties together the threads of a new warp and an old warp on a loom. Speed and accuracy are important. On average, a warp has about ten thousand threads or "ends"; twisting a warp this size takes an experienced twister between three and four hours.
A worker who prepares and arranges individual yarn threads ("ends") that become the warp of a woven fabric. A central part of a warper's work is laying thousands of yarn threads down in parallel order on a large cylinder called a beam.