The James Madison Papers


Thanks to the staff and management of the Library of Congress Manuscript Division, custodians of the James Madison Papers in the original and on microfilm.

Gerard W. Gawalt, American History Specialist, Manuscript Division, reviewed historical materials, contributed contextual framework content, and verified chronology and citations for various documents within the collection, as well as authoring the essays "James Madison's Ciphers" and "James Madison and the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787."

John C. A. Stagg, Editor in Chief, Papers of James Madison, University of Virginia, contributed the essay "An Introduction to the Life and Papers of James Madison" for this online collection of the James Madison Papers at the Library of Congress.

Tim Stutz, Digital Conversion Specialist, acted as project coordinator and was responsible for image and text linking, verification and/or clarification of document citations, database maintenance, and final review of all online documents. He worked with the division specialist in the creation of the online special presentations and in verifying chronology of documents. Tim compiled and created contextual framework materials, created the James Madison timeline, coordinated with the Web design team, and acted as liaison with the Web production team.

Laura Graham, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), wrote specifications for the digital conversion of the microfilm of the Madison Papers and for keying and SGML markup of published texts that accompany digital items as transcriptions. She also initiated the collaboration with the James Madison Papers Project, University of Virginia, for a special presentation on the Library's Web site.

Meg Mason, Digital Conversion Specialist, provided invaluable assistance and direction in the development of the framework materials, the production schedule, and the registration of HTML handles, and provided guidance through numerous other aspects of the project.

Emily Vartanian, Office of the General Counsel, provided legal advice and guidance for permissions and copyright issues.

Christa Maher, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), provided database support.

Elizabeth Madden, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), provided technical support with the manipulation and creation of the ACCESS database used in image- and text-linking.

Steve McCollum, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), assisted in the production of image files and formats.

Dave Woodward, Information Technology Services (ITS), was responsible for programming of the indexing and the display of documents.

Lola Pyne and Colleen Byrne Wallace, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), designed the Web site.

Jurretta Jordan Heckscher, Digital Reference Team (DRT), and Andrea Matles Savada, Collections and Services, edited the framing materials.

Chris Copetas, Digital Conversion Specialist, reviewed and made needed corrections to database entries.

Preservation Resources, a division of Online Computer Library Center, Inc., digitized the James Madison Papers from Library of Congress microfilm.