American English Dialect Recordings: The Center for Applied Linguistics Collection


John Barton, American Folklife Center (AFC), developed the project plan and managed the production of The Center for Applied Linguistics Collection.

Lisa Cope performed the digital image production at the Library’s Information Technology Services (ITS) Scan Center.

Barak Stussman, ITS, was responsible for programming the indexing and display of documents. Christa Maher, Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI), provided database support. Colleen Byrne, Web Services, OSI, was responsible for designing and creating the Web pages.  Mike Fitzella (OSI) coordinated vendor support.

AFC’s Margaret Kruesi, Cathy Kerst, and Megan Halsband, and AFC intern Greg Stall, created subject headings for the website.

AFC’s Stephen Winick and Ann Hoog copy-edited the framing materials.

Felice Cherry and Hope O’Keeffe, Office of the General Counsel (OGC), provided legal guidance.

David Mindel (AFC intern) conducted permissions research.

Donna Christian, Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) provided advisory support throughout the project.

Thanks to CBS News Corporation for granting permission to post the audio recording of Hugo Black being interviewed by Eric Sevareid and Martin Agronsky.