Freedom's Fortress


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Building the Digital Collection

The Freedom’s Fortress collection was scanned as 300-dpi grayscale images, which were compressed using JPEG compression, producing images in the JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF). The grayscale format is capable of capturing and displaying the diversity of tones found in manuscripts and the varying nuances produced by handwriting, pencil, and ink. Grayscale GIF images also were created for convenient access using the page-turner feature.

The collection materials were scanned onsite by the Library’s Digital Scan Center and a scanning contractor, Systems Integration Group of Lanham, Maryland. Flatbed scanners, capable of scanning 8-bit grayscale images, were used to digitize all of the items. Systems Integration Group and Digital Scan Center staff worked with the Library's staff to ensure proper handling of the manuscripts during scanning.

Efforts were made to preserve the appearance of the original documents and the digital images reflect their physical condition. Because of their age and past handling, some of the original materials are discolored or show minor fold markings.