Freedom's Fortress


Josephus Nelson, Library of Congress Manuscript Division specialist, oversaw the selection process, provided content expertise, and wrote descriptive text for the Web site.

Christopher W. Copetas, digital conversion specialist, Library Services, coordinated production of Freedom’s Fortress. He was responsible for a variety of activities, including digitization of materials, creation of database records, image quality review, placement of delivered images into a digital repository, framework text, and rights clearance.

Colleen Byrne Wallace, Office of Strategic Initiatives Web Services, coordinated the project in its early stages of production. She created database records and provided support on numerous digitization, research, design, and production issues. She was also responsible for Web site design and final production.

Margaret Alessi Mason, digital conversion specialist, Library Services, participated in the planning stages of the project and gave direction and support throughout production. She also provided guidance on numerous digitization, research, and copyright issues and edited descriptive text.

Other persons provided invaluable assistance as well. Martha Anderson and Deborah Thomas supplied guidance and support throughout the planning and production stages of Freedom’s Fortress. Abbie Grotke participated in the planning of the project. Elizabeth Madden and Christa Maher created and maintained a production database. Andrea Matles Savada and Barry Wolverton copy-edited framing materials for the Web site.

Lola Pyne and Christopher Testa, Office of Strategic Initiatives, contributed during the design process.

RayMing Chang and Emily Vartanian, Office of the General Counsel, provided guidance for copyright issues.

Manuscript Division Preparation Section staff Paul Chestnut, Allan Teichroew, Margit Kerwin, Rick Bickel, and Mary Lacy also contributed to this project.

Barak Stussman, Information Technology Services (ITS), was responsible for programming the indexing and display of documents.

The ITS Digital Scan Center and a scanning contractor, Systems Integration Group, Inc. (SIG), of Lanham, Maryland, produced the digital images. Special acknowledgment goes to the scan center staff and Imelda Chase and Arnold Goodman of SIG.