First-Person Narratives of the American South, 1860-1920

Interoperability between the Library of Congress and the University of North Carolina

For this collection, the digital reproductions consist of textual transcriptions marked up in SGML from which HTML versions are derived. Covers, title pages, and illustrations have been scanned and are included with the transcription. All these works are part of Documenting the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. MARC records for each work were transmitted to the Library of Congress. These records, after some automated modifications, have been indexed using InQuery to allow full integration into American Memory. Bibliographic displays generated at the Library of Congress have links to the digital reproductions mounted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The University of Chapel Hill at North Carolina chose to generate catalog records for the digital reproductions that were distinct from the records for the original items. However, American Memory configurations for display and indexing are based on the single-record practice for one-for-one digital reproductions used by the Library of Congress. This practice, documented in Draft Interim Guidelines for Cataloging Electronic Resources, adds information about the digital reproduction to the record for the original item. The records delivered included separate 856 fields linking to the HTML and SGML versions of the transcription. For American Memory a decision was made to point instead to a "menu" page for the work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The menu pages offer the user easy access not only to the HTML and SGML versions of the transcription but also direct links to title pages and illustrations. For some works, the menu page also provides access to an associated biographical summary or finding aid.

The records delivered were therefore modified automatically in minor ways to allow effective integration into American Memory and facilitate coherent searching across collections. Modifications included removing fields with information about the creation of the digital reproduction and adding local boilerplate fields to distinguish items in this digital collection from other American Memory collections.

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