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The Library of Congress / Ameritech National Digital Library Competition (1996-1999)

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Lessons Learned: Articles, Reports, and Presentations

The competition, its influence, and lessons learned by the Library of Congress and awardees have been featured in various articles, reports, and presentations.

Articles and Reports

Hughes, Carol Ann. "Lessons Learned: Digitization of Special Collections at The University of Iowa Libraries " D-Lib Magazine 6(6) (June 2000). ISBN: 1082-9873.

Paulson, Barbara. "The Library of Congress/Ameritech Competition." RLG DigiNews 4(2) (April 15, 2000).

Smith, Abby. "Identification, Evaluation, and Selection: Policies, Guidelines, and Best Practices". Strategies for Building Digitized Collections September 2001: Sect ion 2.


Arms, Caroline Reflections on the LC/Ameritech Competition (Powerpoint .ppt). Given at ASIST 2002: Information, Connections, and Community (November 2002).