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The Library of Congress / Ameritech National Digital Library Competition (1996-1999)

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Chicago Historical Society

The Haymarket Affair: Chicago Anarchists on Trial

Amount of award: $57,260

This collection consists of approximately 5,500 pages/images including the complete original transcripts of the proceedings of the historic Haymarket trial; the 'evidence books;' the original draft autobiographies written by two of the Haymarket d efendants, and numerous pamphlets, accounts, and pictorial portrayals of the events in the popular press of the time. The material will be useful to scholars and students studying the riot and the transformation of the labor movement, as well as related topics such as the development of trial evidence and judicial procedure, and the role of media in the interpretation of events.

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Image Caption: Attention Workingmen! (flier), 1886 May 4. Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial evidence book. People's Exhibit 5. (Chicago Historical Society.)