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The Senate as a court of impeachment
for the trial of Andrew Johnson

(Reproduction Number: LC-USZ62-1732)

The Impeachment Trial of President Andrew Johnson

Supplement to the Congressional Globe

40th Congress, 2nd Session




The Congressional Globe, the predecessor to the Congressional Record, was published from 1833 to 1873. After the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson in 1868 the Globe published a supplementary volume that provides a record of the documents and debates from the Senate trial.

Students and researchers on the subject of impeachment may find it useful to consult the Historic Background on the Impeachment and Trial of President Andrew Johnson. Other Library of Congress online resources related to the impeachment of President Johnson include the following Today in History Web pages:

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The Constitutional Rights Foundation's Web lesson, The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson, provides more information about the first president to be impeached by the House and tried in the Senate. It also provides classroom activities and suggestions for discussion and writing.

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