George Washington to Richard Varick, January 1, 1784

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George Washington to Richard Varick, January 1, 1784

When the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783, Washington returned to Mount Vernon as soon as America's political, economic, and military situations would allow. A tearful farewell to his officers and men in New York on December 4, 1783, was followed by his dramatic resignation to Congress on December 23. Ever mindful of his personal papers and records, Washington had written on November 16, 1783, to his aide, Richard Varick, about transporting them to Virginia in six hair chests by wagon. In this January 1, 1784, letter, Washington acknowledges their arrival at Mount Vernon and thanks Varick for having them "so properly arranged, & so correctly recorded." The transcripts of Washington's wartime papers, known as "the Varick Transcripts," comprise series three of the Washington Papers at the Library of Congress. Because Washington's papers have been rearranged at various times, "the Varick Transcripts" provide the only source for the original arrangement of Washington's papers.

See Series 2, Letterbook 11, image 72, for additional images and a transcription for this letter.

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