George Washington to Sarah Cary Fairfax, June 7, 1755

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George Washington to Sarah Cary Fairfax, June 7, 1755

In 1755 while on a military campaign against the French, George Washington began his flirtatious correspondence with Sarah Cary Fairfax, who was only two years older than Washington but the wife of George William Fairfax, his neighbor and close friend at Belvoir, in Fairfax county. Only twenty-two when he began this written communication, Washington continued to write to Sally and she no doubt retained a special place in Washington's heart throughout his life. Washington's correspondence with the well-married Sarah Fairfax was not unusual for the eighteenth century. Washington's letterbook copies reveal his care and concern in the composition of this letter and his later attempts to polish the prose in his letterbooks.

See Series 2, Letterbook 1, image 62 and Letterbook 2, image 31 for additional images and a transcription of these letters.

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